At the heart of Peter was robbed a sex shop


So, dude… No, we don’t even know what to say, after all, a fucking sex shop!!!

In district three in the morning on 20 March, the police patrol noticed three very suspicious men that were in the house at Sadovaya St. , 93. In appearance they were 28-30 years old. When the attackers noticed the police, they tried to quickly shove it under the car some things, but the police noticed the gesture.

From under the car was seized the following items: inflatable doll «Laura», a vase and a figurine.

Clearly explain the origin of this strange set of things the guys could not. Therefore, investigators sent his foot straight into the sex shop. The clerk noted that this strange trio indeed some time ago came to the store, and those things are really gone, but she has not yet discovered their loss. According to records from surveillance cameras, one of them distracted the salesperson while the other two were stolen goods.

Why would they do that? Only one answer suggests itself: they superultrameganew, and that’s not cool.

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