At a height of 76 metres on one hand


Adrenaline could make a person a drug addict, anyway, this guy happened to such trouble. James Kingston is a real daredevil, at least we don’t know how anyone could describe this extremely ill-advised. Our hero snuck into the construction site, climbed to the building screen and hung at a great height of 250 feet (76 meters) on one hand. First, in fairness it should be noted that James was hanging with both hands, but then, apparently thinking that this was not enough, he removed one hand and grabbed the second.


Why did he do it? According to James, it became known that «for the sake of great shots». In fairness, we note that the pictures went anywhere. Of course, our hero had no insurance, we’re more than confident that the medical insurance he was not there. But «meet the sun» James managed. He pathetically said that he did it not for the fact that to die and to live. True.

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