Assholes that you meet at any party

Parties are a separate issue. All fun and under the influence of alcohol show your true colors. Someone’s face is not very attractive.

1. Type too sexy (I’m too sexy for my shirt)

When everything is just beginning, this man is fully clothed and more or less adequate, however, after a few drinks his ego so much starts to bulge from under his shirt that she can no longer contain the onslaught and falls limp on the floor. Man continues to hang out without the upper part of the costume.

This picture is like a movie about the Hulk, when he rips his clothes and with a deafening roar turning into a green monster. The rest of the evening a man holds, sweating and confusing all the people who try not to stare at a stupid growth on his chest, and wince from the odor of his body sweat.

2. Loving guy

In the early evening you gave him a cigarette, and now he enthusiastically says in your ear peregrym voice that loves you because you’re a nice guy, you gave him a cigarette when he is needed. Like you were waiting for this moment.

3. Girl, the leading report on the events in social networks

You could stay home and go to her Twitter: there will still be explained in more detail how the evening.

She tweets about music, and about the trips to the toilet, and photographs, and comments: «Oh my God, we got so drunk, that’s terrible!» Very valuable, thank you.

4. Very manly dude

He walks around, looking for someone to squeal on the soup. He didn’t like how it looks and how it is treated. When you say that all is well, that you don’t stare, it still hits you in the face. The rest of the night he spent alone wandering through the streets, experiencing an existential crisis and drinking in nearby establishments.

5. Dude that goes to 10 PM

At every party there are people who runs away with her very early, when still not swayed, citing the fact that he was «bored», or «party shit», or «he’s doing». It all asked to stay, he wants this show lasts long enough. Then he goes off about him, forget everything, and in the morning until you realize that it was the wise man: he slept, not attacked and not missed anything important or even interesting.

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