Assemble your pocket knife


Most knives and multitools have a serious drawback — they like a lot, but don’t have what you need at the moment. There are a lot of great ideas that help us to deal with this karma and make yourself the multitool, which we have always dreamed of. What multitool is truly universal? Swiss pocket knife, which I loved so much in childhood.

This knife is really unusual because it’s not a knife, and set to create it. It has 12 interchangeable nozzles that can be attached all at once or in a limited number so as not to burden burden. There is a set of 16 replacement tips, although personally I have not enough imagination to understand what can there else to stick it. This simple technique can be optimized for your specific needs.

Set of 12 functions, 90 bucks, but how much is the set at 16, I know.

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