Ask for girl’s hand from her father


So, you don’t hang around with women.So, you found the right one, which is your best friend.Your relationship for a long time serious and now you’re ready to take it to the next level and marry her.

Still, there is a tradition that is slowly, but surely, losing ground to ask the girl’s hand from her father. Many are of the opinion that this tradition smells of sexism and chauvinism, and dates back to the time when women were considered the property.

So… I think it is a good gesture of respect to the father, and it is possible even to its location. This will allow the father of your girls to know that you’re sincere in his intentions and is a true gentleman. This is an important tradition, a rite of passage. In addition, I think most women would appreciate the gesture.

But it is not an easy task, it can lead to nervous exhaustion, so get ready to the most difficult. I remember speaking with his father’s wife, I was sweating with excitement. Let’s hope that the recommendations that I made for you will help to simplify a stressful situation and make this experience more enjoyable.

1. First and foremost talk to your girl. Before you go and talk to her father, find out your girlfriend agree to call you in marriage. She is ready for marriage and even wants to get married? If so, how soon she wants that to happen?

2. Try to meet him in advance before an important conversation. Before you decide to marry her, will be very good if you several times to talk with her parents. With my wife’s parents I met before the engagement. As we had previously met him, this simplified the task and I found it easier to ask for the hand of his daughter. Of course, not always there is such possibility. But if she is still there — must meet her father.

3. Talk to him man to man. There are several ways how to talk to her father. All depends on the person and situation. You can invite him to dinner in a restaurant, cafe or bar. For food, the conversation flows more conveniently. If you invite him to dinner is not possible, at the meeting just ask, you can talk to him alone. If her dad lives far away, wait for the scheduled trips for the holidays. If this is impossible to arrange — just talk to him on the phone about everything.

4. Express your feelings to his daughter. I think the best way to start a conversation, to Express to the father your love and admiration for his daughter. Tell him how much she means to you. Remember them some unusual qualities that you love her. He raised her, so the compliment will be addressed kind of in his address.

5. Explain your wish to marry his daughter. Convince him that you understand the seriousness of the obligations and that you’ll be able to spend with his daughter all his life, being the happiest person in the world.

6. Promise him that you’ll take care of his daughter’s life. Put yourself in the place of this man. He was the only man in the life of this girl while she was a child. He cared about her and continues to do this, so only wants the best for her. He wants to be sure that reports of his daughter in safe hands. He wants you always honored, respected and observed him daughter.

7.Respectfully ask for his blessing. Now, just ask for his blessing and support in your desire to marry his daughter.

If there is no father or daughter does not communicate with him for whatever reason, to ask the hand can be her mother.

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