As you solder the celebrity

To earn a living with creativity is hard work. Only it does not guarantee all of the riches that we look with envy ferocious. For this we have either an infinitely acting in commercials, or your business spinning. Stars are people too, not without a commercial vein. They realize that humanity will never leave plump, and so they will be the one drugging him with alcohol production for personal.

Liqueur fat

Best circumference of Hollywood’s Danny DeVito not only loves women and produce good movies, but experiencing feelings for light liquors. Feelings are so bright that Danny not just absorbs drinking, sticking out his thumb, but has become one of the most successful owners of one of the vodka brands. Its small, tenacious and incredibly talented hands is concentrated the production of Premium Limoncello own brand of liqueur, which is made in the Italian Sorrento (the same which sang Glyzin). Pulled to the roots. And devotes much more time than the movie.

Limoncello is a traditional and very popular in the world (especially at home in Italy) is an aperitif, so the competition is great. However, the liqueur De Vito is one of the best, if I may say, in its genre. Good liquor should be balanced, and Danny that’s all right.


The sting’s all good. He is one of the richest singers in the world, he is respected around the world and bow before his genius, and he lives in beautiful Tuscany. In free from writing music while he is engaged in agriculture in the Tuscany, where an area of more than three hundred hectares are olive groves, pastures and vineyards. At every opportunity he shows off his peppers, and says that his family eats exclusively grown them and another three dozen workers fruits and vegetables. Like any good Sicilian, sting was obliged to fall in love with Chianti, which was to produce on the home of the winery. First he filled up his bottles your cellar, but then the wine production has greatly exceeded the ability of the musician, and the crisis has, unfortunately, crept up at the most inopportune moment and grabbed soft. Here he had to put his bottles on sale under the brand name «Il Palagio Sumner Family». If where you will meet, buy and drink for health, because the good songs makes. The cost of a bottle of red wine starts from £ 12, which, of course, expensive.

Whiskey Of Baixas

Than just not doing studious boy from a good Jewish family Dava Beckham: and kicking a football at the highest level, and starred in a movie, now so do football club creates. I can only wish him good luck, because as a character he is extremely positive. But more recently, Beckham solder people their own wiskind Club. As you can see, on the promotion of David doesn’t regret a single shekel, so he called his longtime friend, whom they worked for advertising panties H&M, guy Ritchie to shoot a pathetic advertisement for their offspring. Really pathetic, as it is able to do is just Richie. The impression that the celebrant a minimum of Jameson, and not a little-known drink, which most have not heard. However, if you think about how much money and effort Beckham put in this drink, the irony evaporates away. Definitely need to try.

By the way, Richie is already a year that promises to hit people unique whiskey 33-year-old. A unique recipe to share not in a hurry, because not yet invented. A perfect recipe as the answer to the question why the hell he married Madonna, he was looking at her own bar.

Clooney and his offspring

The next section can be called a «Tequila», because cactus vodka fixed his eyes half international artists. Among them – aged in the 30 years George Clooney, which was forgotten as a movie actor, because often hearing about him from secular tabloids. Clooney sat down with «cactus» during his trips around Mexico. Hooked so much that one day, waking up after another drinking in the desert with a bottle of «Olmecs» in an embrace, decided to produce their tequila with the sonorous name Saamco and earn more money. All, but would not star in good movies. Next dry out the husband of Cindy Crawford. Here are a few they solder people.

Tequila Timberlake

On the way, an older friend went the sweet Justin Timberlake. His drink Ustin called «901». Why «901», not «234»? Because, in the opinion of the Creator «9:01 is such a special time when the evening ended and the night is just beginning.» People seemed to hint that his tequila you will have lots of fun, literally to bloody diarrhea. By the way, the drink costs $40.

Rockers from the tequila

And now we hit the rock in the hole. That story about alcohol, and even without the rock-n-rolikov!? It will be just about the two singers two legendary bands of the era, when guitarist and bassist in the band that it meant.

The first is a curly-haired vocalist named two monster talented brothers Van Hallen Sammy Hagar, which he called «Cabo Wabo». Tequila is so-so, but after the show an elderly Hagar bravely choked her in front of reporters.

The second is Vince Neil of Motley Crew. He too, like Hagar, has opted for a tequila, which, incidentally, was very well received by critics and fans of this drink. In the production of Tres Rios Tequila uses artesian water, and the tequila turned out to be so delicious that medical alcohol swipes and Hagar are not even close.

Wine master

Francis Ford Coppola is known not only as a great Director, but also as a notable winemaker. And in this way he surpassed all those possible. No joke, at the present time he owns nine different brands of wine, some of which, according to rumors, the worse his films.

By the way, has been producing wine and the famous basketball player of Chinese origin to Yao Ming. However, the wine can be bought only in China.

Another famous athlete, Wayne Gretzky, behind the stick, plunged into the business. I must say, he does this occupation extremely wonderful. So his wine with the modest name «Wayne Gretzky. No. 99» became one of the most popular among canadian Union of winemakers. Of course, drink wine grown in cold Canada, is like shaving with broken glass, but the real fans of hockey can try. Costs from $14 to $99 per bottle, and tastes like Italian wine for 10 euros.

In the wine market also featured Lil Jon, which released its brand Little Jonathan Winery and who frankly admits, that the damn thing doesn’t understand wine, and the legendary Pierre Richard. The love for wine in the «tall blonde in black Shoe», as apparently, splashing along with rapid French blood.

The Skull Of Ackroyd

The canadian-American actor-comedian Dan Aykroyd has released a vodka in a very unusual bottle in the shape of a human skull. Vodka, by the way, is called Head («head»). It is reported that the vodka passes through three of purity, and its composition doesn’t include any artificial additives. It makes Head Vodka one of the purest alcoholic beverages in the world, and the idea is that the head of it in the morning can’t hurt.

Pharrell for women

Why the famous «Hatter» Pharrell Williams decided to produce his own brand of cream-vodka for women, not a man’s drink – is entirely unclear. But pornographic bottle design and labels he designed himself. At the moment the Qream Liqueur assortment includes two flavors – strawberry and peach.

Wine Mikhalkov

And now a little about his home. About Nikita Sergeyevich, dear. He not only makes films and casts out devils. He still produces wine. He, like sting, is an estate in southern Tuscany. There lives his brother, Andron. But Andron lives, because in Europe know more than Nikita. So he decided to use the fertile land for its commercial purposes. There now produces red and white wine, which recently sold under the brand name «12». This name was chosen in honor of the eponymous film by Mikhalkov. Wine is made from the grape varieties «Cabernet Sauvignon», «Sauvignon Blanc», «Merlot», «gray», if you’re interested, and there poured. The cost of a bottle of wine on average starts from 1350 rubles. During the Olympic games in 2014, this wine is even offered on the menu in business class «Aeroflot» flights to Sochi, but then thought better of it.

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