As you develop Dating girls


Continued hunt for the girls (in the great sense of the word) changes the character. If you’re not constantly trying to meet friends and gain their attention, these traits do not evolve because they are necessary to appealing to the opposite sex.

They are incredibly important, they — the base on which to build your career macho. But that’s not all. They make you special. Stand out from the crowd.

1. Perseverance

We do not mean that you should force everyone interested in women to go with you to bed. We mean a more General persistence, so to speak, of life.

If you don’t go out into the world and not trying to meet women regularly, it means that you don’t even want to try. To learn, you must first get out of the house. No matter how many women around you, one or a hundred, don’t be shy (Oh, so, it seems, was singing Ivan Dorn). If this is not done, in the end no one will know and no profit will not receive.

2. Resistance

This is the key to everything. This is one of the most difficult skills to be acquired, but it is so steep that it is indispensable.

Sustainability refers to your ability to stay cool, calm and collected, not wasting natural confidence under any circumstances. Women are a delicate matter, and many are retreating at the first failure. If you stands, you meet all the difficulties head-on.

If you approach a group of girls, and she’s fat and filthy of them tries to make fun of you in front of everyone, do not lose it and don’t get depressed — it will only exacerbate your already bad situation. Stay cool, laugh at it and move on.

If someone says he already has his eye on some friend, do not lose it and not depression. If it periorificial — forward, and if you can’t, again, do not lose it, it will only bring you trouble. Go back to the other woman (not weakness), because it is much easier to spend this time, glue two other women, than to waste it to fight for any one.

3. The ability to adapt

The ability to adapt to any situation is what makes you turn into a sad parody of himself. You need to quickly assess the situation in which you are, to adapt to it — and it’s in the bag! Well, when you know what to say to a girl was on a date when she sees you with another; how to look good in the eyes of a friend at the expense of others and all that jazz.

Also your ability to adapt extends to all spheres of life. If you’re 35 and you’re not texting, believing that a phone call is the only method of communication, you lose. The ability to adapt to social norms and their variations is a very important skill if you want to achieve something.

4. To be ACE

To be an ACE in something is the only way to make it «something» to work. For example, if you always go to the clubs, but still never there with anyone not met, this does not mean that nocturnal adventures are not for you — it only means that you have to be in them as.

Don’t switch to daytime fun only for the reason that you think they will come running you better: nothing you will not succeed. You need to start to become something ACE to start to do something so well that you get bored — and then move on to something else.

Treat everything easier, not harder. The more you do something, the better you do it. Just make sure you don’t go in circles, endlessly trying the same thing: new is always better than the old.

5. The ability to learn from mistakes

If you still do not understand how important this is, we need to remind you. If you don’t learn from their mistakes, constantly fail — not only with girls, but in all spheres of life. No matter what you’re wrong: if you don’t learn your lesson, are to blame.

6. Patience

For me this is the most difficult. I’ve always been impatient and tried to overcome it. I’m the man who wants everything here and now — and it usually annoys others. Doesn’t matter — I want it immediately, right here without leaving this place. Unfortunately, it almost never happens, especially when it comes to women.

Without practice, your chances of getting to know a girl very small. It is not necessary to expect you’ll meet any beauty on the first attempt. Do not even expect it to turn you this week. Hardening himself, focus on the patience, then it’ll work much faster, and success will be a hundred times nicer.

Wait until something happens, when you don’t have the patience is torture. And the guy being tortured is not very good.

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