As you are forced to spend more in the restaurant

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2014_dpbSA0yDjpS61You know that modern man just need to go looking around. We have become very incredulous in many ways and not without good reason. You think you deceived in shop or cafe. You heard somewhere that in catering there are some of his cunning tricks, with which they even give the buyer something he did not have to fuck.

So how do they do it? Clearly not through hypnosis or magic… but not enough. But today we look at more real methods of influence and manipulation by the mysterious restaurateurs. Don’t take it to heart, at least most of these methods are legitimate. In any case, the final choice you make, and your decision about the order no one can affect.

1. They use adjectives

They are sometimes funny and sometimes just mouth-watering. When you look the description of the dish, there is always written, for example: «Sweet ice cream» or «Tender and juicy shank drizzled in a spicy sauce». Damn, even when I write the text produces saliva and you want to eat. Especially if you’re hungry, then you’re even more will want it.

Seems so clear what is needed. If the dish sounds delicious, it even tastes better, we think and ask the waiter to take the order.

2. They don’t use the currency

You will rarely find in the description of dishes «Patties from awesome cows — 240». Usually it’s just: «French Toast with one liter oil — 180». All this is because when you see the sign «$, R, I» and others, you think about money. You will remember about how much dough you have left in your wallet, that you will soon have to pay rent, a loan and even some garbage.

Of course, the restaurant is not interested in the fact that you gave them a luxury food, so they just don’t use a couple of characters.

3. They do not write those numbers

Well all know this technique, but some still underway. «Beer cherry 399». Not 400 and 399. The fact that you will find that should get a round number. In the mind you still think «four». But you’ll remember the first figure — 3. Round a number that begins with «3». 300 — Bingo!

More effective is: «Caesar with chicken 275». And you think: «Hmm, it’s not 300, it is necessary to take». Of course, secular in expensive restaurants such techniques are not relevant. You know in advance that this place will spend a decent amount, so you won’t waste your time for thirty rubles.

4. They use mention your family

No, but seriously, what will you choose: «Fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies like grandma» or just «chocolate chip cookies»? It’s good that you picked a cookie from grandma, and so do most visitors. When marketers chose this name, they made sure you remembered the delicious cookies her grandmother.

As a result, the nostalgia motivates you to try these cookies. Now you want it their regular cookie you will not fit.

5. They use ethnic names

Go to any Italian restaurant, open the menu and you will see something like this: «Tagliatelle with shrimp and garlic sauce». Hmm, that sounds like real Italian, like something reliable. Not that «Pasta with shrimp», there is no Italy in this dish.

Of course you will choose a more ornate name, which is read accent ethnics. You’re not into dumplings «Ashot» came, even though there will be some «Tatar dumplings».

6. They play with the prices

This principle is used to make you choose a more expensive dish without difficulty in the heart. How does it work? See. Which is better? $ 10 for a steak or $ 20 for a steak? And so what better a $ 20 steak and $ 30 for a steak? Suddenly, a more expensive option in the first scenario becomes more acceptable. Now they put next to a steak for $ 20 and $ 30 next to the steak for $ 50 and suddenly $ 20 didn’t seem so expensive option, isn’t it?

If you haven’t broke your brain, you probably understand this system. Objective: to give the expensive option is more acceptable to the wallet rogue.

You’re still going to be conducted on these tricks and there is nothing wrong, I want to eat. Especially after this article. Oh, how we understand you.

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