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manygoodtips.com_28.03.2016_bhkJ1aMdtwj9uAsk yourself, friend, how in the world outright schlock created? How much crap removed and how much they are going to play really lame songs? Where corrupt politicians, and where politicians iridescent? A large part of your identity I will say that the planet spawned 99.9% of the putrid shit. But a kosher and pleasant things have only one-tenth of a percent. There is a truth, I agree. But we do not write the lyrics to once again designate another truism, isn’t it?

Our exciting editors have doubts about your sincerity with yourself. Yes, you heard right! May be your carefully guarded opinion is not yours. Who knows, maybe you imposed on him, huh? Let’s think together and reminisce.

Mom and dad

Your parents did a lot of good and bad, and bad when they raise their child. But judge them not, he would have coped much sucks. But what you cannot take away from them is the formation of your tastes. It is clear that the ancestors of us impose them. Want you did their errors, or, on the contrary, I want you to be like them. Here are the first views of God, politics, art and the feasibility of using a tea bag three times. Some people blindly copy the behavior and attitudes of their parents, the other part goes to the «dark side» to contrast them with their own rebellious «I».

The parents were Christians? Then head to hit in atheism. Parents liked the Soviet cinema? Then I will do everything I shit it! But years pass, and you begin to understand that the Union knew how to shoot great films, and the Bible can be read not only about Hell and all the horrors, but also about sacrifice, and even the beginnings of modern humanism. However, not everyone has a flash of inspiration, but because people continue to reinforce their erroneous views that were built on aggression puberty.


manygoodtips.com_28.03.2016_JEs4KnXuVxuOvMany of us caught «the era of ubiquitous TV». To return we do not wish, after all, what is a world without alternative points of view? I think that this is a world of totalitarian stagnation and blissful stay in the dark. It just so happened that many of the television generation has shaped the tastes of their viewers. Here, of course, all agree on the market often chooses what is better digested by the consumer. Here we learned that the Russian television is always a show, the scandals, intrigues, investigations and whining stars, whose lives are to our person so nice to watch. Now new fashion foreign policy. On internal not particularly telling, but global – is always welcome! How much TNT to go?

You come home tired, include this bin Satan and sticks until you pass out. Naturally, such a life will leave in your brain a lot of feces of different sizes. Actually, it was formed until recently «popular opinion.» Sometimes it seems that plasticine viewers can change their views in one, maybe two days. Yesterday they were against the war? Tomorrow will be her demand! And the next day all about it will forget. All, except those brave guys who will lie in the harsh and inhospitable desert.


Saying that she moves her progress. All can be, but without it to survive in our reality is problematic. I am the advertiser for education that does not protect me from her suffocating influence. The fact that advertising is so ingrained in the human nervous system that it does not eradicate: it became a part of us. We all overpay for the brand, believing that the market can not give anything better. We buy a couple of cans of Coca-Cola and a bottle of Bacardi, because without them «impossible» to make a «Cuba Libre», though if you buy a different brand of rum, we will get a totally «Free Cuba».

Even sadder from the fact that the world is controlled by a monopoly, and therefore they can easily manage customers, bypassing their true preferences. Take, for example, music. How many companies control the entire music market on the planet, under the strange name «Ground»? Ten thousand? Twenty? Or a hundred? No, misguided sufferer, these companies are: Universal Music Group; Sony Music Entertainment (21,5%); Warner Music Group. Not so long ago, was the fourth player in the market, EMI Group, but they «ate». What percentage of the market do they control? According to some reports about 70%. Cruel percentage, which allows you to influence your tastes and the tastes of whole Nations.

Internet, dear reader, the Internet is also in the list. Where, if not there, you find out that your favorite movie is «cattle», and the actor playing the main role, surface degenerate? The online community is very meticulously applies to his enemies and idols, and if you are a man with his own opinion, then gnaw your bones and leave you lying on the bottom of the ocean until the end of time.

I love to read genre fiction (crime, horror)? The layman who can’t read anything harder! I love to watch Marvel movies? Hi, fan of disgusting pop! I saw «Twilight» and did you like it? Oh, my God, you’re ugly! Well, in the end? We begin to lie to yourself and away from what we really like, being driven on occasion, Patriotic, liberal, intellectual, or any other crowd. Try to forget about clichés, buddy. Look at the film with actress you can’t stand. Listen to the band, which plays «music». I have no doubt you will find many interesting things.

Buddies and friends

The last guys, but not last in importance. Yes, your friends change your interests, and sometimes shape them. We can’t call this a purely negative process. In the end, the friends because the friends that they share views on life and tastes in movies. But always remember that you have to be yourself first. Your friends laugh at the fact that you read manga, not Dostoevsky? Girlfriend hates that you’re apolitical, when it is necessary to be a «responsible citizen» and vote? Maybe friends don’t understand your love for red wines that you choose the bar instead of the manly Beers? Someone will advise you to change, but we will advise you to be yourself – a unique guy who has a Legion of wild cockroaches in my head, but that’s not going on about the other.

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