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When you’re young and full of energy, you don’t think that’ll ever be old. But if you’re not Tom cruise, you can’t avoid aging. And even if you’re far from the time to think about it now. If in his later years, you don’t want to look like Keith Richards, then observe the simple rules and you’ll be a worthy man, and not an old wreck.

1. Don’t fight it

Old age is a part of our not perfect lives, it is inevitable. It is not necessary to oppose and try to stop it by methods such as plastic surgery. Instead of arguing with nature through cosmetics and surgery, why not focus on what you can actually control? You have a little extra weight? Take care in the morning. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself. Just a few minutes of movement in the fresh air. Can’t you allocate 20 minutes to finally shake your beer belly?

2. Get rid of dark

Coffee, Cola, whiskey… These things taste good now, but bad for your health and appearance later. All they give you, besides the satisfaction, is dehydration, hangover, dark circles and bags under the eyes. And if now is not so much noticeable now, you’ll never be healthier and younger, if you can keep such a poisonous diet. No need to be strict with yourself and deny yourself everything, but try as little as possible to use these products.

3. Do the peeling

This advice may seem strange and more suitable for girls, but actually there is nothing wrong to help your skin get rid of dead cells. Besides, you don’t have to go to the beauty salon or buy a cream. Simply mix baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice and some shaving cream. Pomassirovti this mixture in your face and washing up, you’ll feel fresh as a lemon (just try to avoid the sun after this procedure).

4. Drink more water

It is already known to every losers that the man is 80% water, and over the years we dry up, so drink water at least 1.5 liters per day. And here, naturally, is the aforementioned circle. Water is liquid, but not every liquid is water.

5. Healthy eating

Everyone knows that being overweight is bad for health, but not everyone wants to get rid of it. You will not gain extra pounds if you don’t abuse the pies, chips and other fast fudami. Use food consciously, to think about what you’re eating and what good or harm you bring to yourself when consume a particular product. It is not difficult, if you really want to be healthy and not to grow old prematurely.

6. Move

Imagine that your body is a machine. If you do not care for your car, it will soon become worthless. If you’re going to drive it on the bumps without slowing down, you will quickly kill it. It’s the same with your body: if you’re going to be lazy, to lie for hours on the couch watching TV or sit all the time at the computer, or, on the contrary, you over-load your body with too big physical activity, you too will kill your body. Everything should be in moderation and without fanaticism. You need to allocate your day so that there was enough movement, but if you keep your head to the evening down. Rest is also necessary.

7. Be positive

Human beings are emotional. Peculiar to him, and to rejoice and to grieve; to love, to hate. But it is better to give preference to positive emotions. All your anger and hatred will certainly affect your face, not immediately, but after a few years for sure. Better to let you will have wrinkles in the corners of his mouth from laughter than on the nose from what frown. Positive emotions — this creation, negative — destruction. Of course, modern life is full of stress, but, on the other hand, you don’t need to escape from a predator, and it is much worse problems such as dissatisfaction with the boss or a quarrel with a girl. Try to look at the world positively and philosophically.

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