As with age, changing attitudes to money

Money, money — the engine of progress, the reason is human greed, and what makes many of us each morning to do the hated procedure called work. It would seem that we are always equally strong they crave, but if you think about it, in every age our view such a thing as «budget», and the attitude of crumpled bills vary greatly. So we decided to consider as over the age of changing attitude to money ordinary average guy.

Age 15-18: «What is your budget?»

This is the age when you depend on your parents, even if you’ve found yourself a summer job in construction or as a waiter. You think that you are an adult and independent, but in fact the same Wiener carbonated, just started going to the birthday to the girls and tried to «AGCO» taste. Hardly anyone earns enough to be financially independent.

Things that immediately come into your greedy, sweaty from work and nerves of the hands do not stay long and fly on those things that you kind of need. In fact, some just for the sake of it and go to work to earn a coveted nishtyachok.

Again, you’re getting older, needs become more diverse, and the money in his pocket liberate as ever. Therefore, all spent on trips to «McDuck», a movie, and someone on the first party.

This is absolutely normal, because you want to keep up with his friends and growing needs. Only, not everyone in this age understands what money is, especially those who were not working, and got their precious money from the generous hands of the father-breadwinner. Otherwise, the value is not understood. Until you are faced with an acute shortage of «Arkhangelsk» and «Yaroslavl» in the pocket, do not understand. So enjoy, especially because nobody’s blaming you.

Age 19-21: sex, drugs, rock-n-roll

In this age of the green-pink tint. Pink, because it seems that the whole world is at your feet, and the green, because you’re sure that nothing is true, everything is permitted. Especially thump. Indeed, almost two decades you’ve endured, lived without drinking, and now it can be done legally! But in the meantime you became a serious think about a career, seeking, meet new people and seriously think about your future. But the Fleur of student life does not cease to exert your pernicious influence, so you’ve been hanging out more than studying. The only thing that can hold you back is work. But you’re not 23, and after drinking you feel like Lenin in the mausoleum so you can sometimes neglect sleep for the sake of a great carnival.

At this age most of your money spent on the experience: life, sex, household. The first attempt to live, to be in a serious relationship, the first experience of independent living and tenancy. At this age you learn to appreciate his liver, his condition before the important event and the remaining purse money — what to spend it: on food, or on the next feast of the spirit. And that’s fine. It is proven that people who spend money on experiences, as a rule, happier than those who spend money on material goods. A lot of what you do not understand or know, many of us at this age are still children, but we have become about personalities and know how to manage money.

Age 22-25: «no Matter how much money — the main thing that was»

You finally became self-sufficient, and even those pitiful penny, which the boss calls a wage, make you feel like a millionaire. At least you know that you have to keep all the money without leaving any residue on any swell, but occasionally drops to of luxury kind Bryansk ham, which is like Spanish, or beer for 180 rubles for 0.5. At a salary of 22 thousand when the lion’s share needs to pay for his rent is too audacious profligacy. But you’re still not developed and therefore not yet adequate to prioritize. Partying is more important than the furniture. Moreover, there is always hope to help parents who still believe that they know what’s best for you. And strangely enough, most often they are right.

But soon it will pass. If you do everything right, soon wages will rise, and common sense in the skull is allocated to it by the nature of the place. You will learn to collect and spend more wisely.

Age 26-30: big man with big problems

You in that difficult age when everyone thinks you’re an adult and independent, but deep down you doubt it. At one point you ceased to be promising and was just the adults. And adults have, like, a lot of money. But you either do not reach their successful friends, bankers, businessmen, why you feel inferior, or you have had the sense (and connections) to be realized in the profession, and you don’t know what to do with all that money.

However, most still becomes less money available. The reason for that one strange event called «marriage» with the subsequent voluntary-compulsory cohabitation. Money be your and General, and they spent on such things as utilities, food and the whims of his wife. Previously, it seemed that the marriage is not so much different from the almost serene cohabitation. So much you’re not wrong, ever. The budget becomes a family, especially when the first human larvae. Children are very expensive, and in some situations invisible financial relationship with the parents is not interrupted.

Awareness of reality is frightening, but the desire to buy new clothes, a guitar, and go hang out in the subconscious rises very often. However, the wife complains that she doesn’t have enough money, fucking farm Princess.

After 30: finally figured out

The priorities outlined in the previous paragraph, finally rooted. You were fat, older, he became more serious and are thinking like a typical Mikhailovich. Rent, utilities, grocery stores became mandatory, but now began to be the money to «treat yourself». It comes with experience. Children and family were not cheaper, but you have learned to spend money wisely. Plus a passion for hedonism makes moving up the career ladder. It is necessary to indulge. Far from retirement, but extravagance still flew. You don’t live in your pleasure, you live with an eye to the future, you spend so that you do not end up in the ass.

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