As we lived in the 90s

If we praise the nineties, it is only because in this blessed age we had fewer commitments, we were younger, and some of them just kids. And childhood is the most wonderful time, which sometimes you want to go back. Therefore, many retirees say that Stalin was good. In youth when you are still forming as a person, as a man, when not yet begun to tire of life and routine, when life is not taken by the hair and beat his head on the pavement, always seem better than it is now. But really it was demonic period for our country. Around chaos, dullness, despondency, poverty and thoughts about how to feed themselves. So think twice before you say: «How good it was in the 90s».

However, it wasn’t all bad. In actual fact, how many good and «tube» gave us this decade.



If it was not all, almost all. Pet, even a virtual one, wound up not only young children but also older kids. The amazing novelty of a distant land of the rising sun were forced to follow pocket spinogryzov day and night. And then he died. And you mourned him as their own son. I had George, I raised him from when he was still an egg. When Zhora didn’t become homesick. But there were rumors that people were impressionable suicide. If this was only in Europe. In the country and so the mess, and then because dinosaur hung! There are many other reasons for suicide!

Computer club


Mecca, which sucked all those, who are somehow prior to that, faced with the virtual reality. So how to buy a computer in the 90s was a matter of very taxing and is not available to all, young people went to hang out in basements, cinemas and shops, where these same clubs were located. The usual clubs from multiple networked IBM PC appeared only in 1997.

He mostly played Counter-Strike or Diablo. Everything depended on the range of products. In some places stood console PLay Station, Dendi.


If you had to limit the game, where the wolf from «Nu,pogodi» we had to collect the eggs, now options to spend their time became much more. Sometimes, going to visit a friend, play on his «Sega» and then ask the folder to purchase you a unit. The folder usually was a pity money, and he bought you «Dandy.» However, it’s better than nothing. In the end, «Dandy» seemed to be dearer due to its annoying ads with the elephant. And then she arrived… I’ll just leave here the Intro, which guarantee you that the next couple of hours you spend perfectly.



Montana – it even sounds classy, American. The youth was sure that the «Montana» go real American cowboys and the Texas Rangers, but the reality, as often happens, turned out to be more severe. Watch was assembled in China, and even Chinese themselves are not worn. But ‘ 95 they have flaunted and students, engineers and middle managers who have broke their serve faithfully «electronics».

But people understand them like hot cakes, not only because of the fashionable foreign names, and because of the wide range of junk that used to clock in any way were not connected. This melody, which they had from 8 to 18. Some even gathered around the happy owner and listened to a cacophony of squeaky. But nobody cares – it was great! And the trendy lighting, that is quite bad which illuminates the dial. But there was an alarm clock and a stopwatch, which some have even used it. Although only suffering from insomnia could hear faint beeping in the morning. But you can always hear the squeak, which tells about the end of the next hour, which is extremely ever school teachers.

But they worked for. And let the strap constantly revealed and even started to rust and let the back cover was held on only one kind word, each thought it his duty to go out into the yard with a taut little stronger than normal sleeve, for all to see wealth. However, if the horizon was not Gopnik.


The 90s were the last period when rock music had influence and did not seek to slip into Commerce. The last of the cult group appeared in this period – Nirvana, SOAD and the like. Commercial rock was able to catch the soul.

Prehistoric groups did too many reunions and even stopped a concert in white stone. If the fashion for metal in the West has calmed down a lot, in Russia erupted with a vengeance. And not just for metal. Rockers felt quite comfortable… well, until then, until something happened with the head, or they would not go into opposition.

Maybe it’s a manifestation of old age, but pop music in the 90s had quite a human face. Forge Europop, Sweden, always knew how to make vocal ensembles of beautiful women, where the vocals were composers. First ABBA, then ACEOF BASE, which filled the disco with its Nordic cool Happy Nation, Beautiful life and immortal All that she wants. However, it was mediocre. Not enough explosion. And then came on the scene Army of Lovers with their Sexual Revolution, and from crucified. They sounded cheerful, and proved that pop music can be not only memorable, but also qualitative. And frontman Jean-Pierre Barda to shock the audience all the steeper your End. Back in the 80s, it became clear that clip – the key to success. Their videos, great killer thrash metal, has always attracted attention.

But the most stylish and truly folk songs did not they. And not even a man. They were made movable Puerto Rican gay Ricky Martin. People, who sang two songs, and – about a miracle! – they are not bored.

And in Russia appeared in show business: the first successful boy band who are still playing, a group of «Bachelor» that thought takes the rap, and the man who had sung «Mother shikadam the» on «Hit FM» while Tarkan sang it in Turkish at the «Europe plus».

Galima pop music played on one radio station Shevchuk, and when it tired of listening to the luminaries of Russian rock and singers, one-day, appeared quite unusual «Mumiy Troll», «Lapis» and «Bugs» became popular «Battery» and «Tanker». And then it was gone and pushed everyone. And worst of all, about those newcomers to the industry «spleen» and «Zemfira» is already written in the history books in the culture.


This was the era of radio stations. As mushrooms after a rain began to appear on the «Russian radio», which still creates the conditions for the reproduction of exclusively Russian music, «Nashe radio» with his «Invasion» that did the same thing, only for Russian rock. Nagiev and growth of the famous La bohème at the incredibly fashionable «Radio modern», which is so loved by intellectuals, and Laertius had little conversations on «Echo of Moscow». «Retro», «Hit FM» – every genre had its own shelter. In General, nothing has changed, except one – the wild popularity. Earlier radio was a real star, they know their air of waiting. Now only the «Team».


Foreign films of all eras, like from the hose, poured into the television. On TV began to show foreign series. However, in addition to «Santa Barbara» that became a symbol of the era, it was a real pleasure for the eyes: «Highlander» (the TV series with Adrian Paul, not the movies with Christopher Lambert), «Walker» and «x-files» with the truth, which is somewhere nearby, and David Duchovny, which, except in this show, nowhere to imagine. In «Lascivious California» was far away. As well as shot in the 70’s and 80’s «devil’s service in hospital «mash» and beloved by children and adults, the series about the alien Gordon Shumway, who was forced to cohabit a simple American family. It was called «Alf».

In Russia, too, began to adapt the sitcom, but none of them got even a fraction of the popularity that was in the soundtrack of the TV series «Friends», not to mention the series itself. While there, lying, because there were «Streets of broken lights» and his Majesty Ducalis.

And remember, you woke up early, ran to look «Disney-club» and… «a pastor’s Word» or «Play the accordion»?

As for programs, it was just the period when Valdis Pelsh could become the idol of young people, just taking the program where guessing unknown melody. Now this is possible only in the Internet. Television was brought to filled with stunning hard and youth programs. Everyone knew that Wednesday evening after dinner, you need to look at how the predators poured water from a glass into a glass held in his teeth with a spoon – anything to make herbivores. And then to dream about the computer, depending on how Repetur talks about games «From the screw!».

But the best thing was wrestling in the voice Fomenko. Amazing for the Russian audience clowning under caustic comments Fomenko long did a ranking of NTV, which was not «Grouse» and «COP war». But was «recently» and «Dolls». Yes, then you can laugh at the government.

And the most popular morning show was «Taste». And, objectively, he was much more interesting. Although it would seem, nothing special, Makarevich with the guests only ever used a drink, but, hell, tasty as they did! And the atmosphere was more «tube» or something…

Though a symbol of change television was just MTV. In any case, «Clay», «Beavis and Butthead» and Vasya Strelnikov in «Night Caprice» was much interesting to watch if the benefit of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko. Although, who am I kidding, the whole country is fucking around with Hoo.


Out all sorts of «Siberian Barber», «Burnt by the sun» from rapidly became a nobility of Directors. As permissiveness has increased, and the delirium increased. The chair took the hymn to his name libido «Superman Willy-nilly», and the Director with the sonorous name Aramyan took such terrible things as «Impotent» and «Womanizer». Well, masters of the Soviet school not drunk his skills and has directed such masterpieces as «poisons or the world history of poisonings» and «the eagle and Reshka». Some young Directors did not yield and took the mouthpiece of the era, forming the image of the «hero of our time». The film was called «Brother», and to say more would be superfluous.

However, the mass audience never cared. Don’t forget that in this period were filmed such masterpieces as «Jumanji», the standard of all the militants of the «Terminator 2», the first (not in a row) the episode of «Star Wars» and even «independence Day».

Well, the most important relic of the 90s was a VCR, and watch «Babysitters» in translation Volodarskogo or Gavrilova had everyone who ever bought trembling hands the tape pirate VHS and never knew what to expect inside.



Drugs have become more affordable everywhere began to open the clubs, and therefore, the emergence of the rave movement was not long in coming. Brutal Russian rave is still common in the vast country. But trips to the disco became more common, because Alex Lemokh showed everybody how to move.



In the 90s we were dressed as best they could. In a market bargain, and had. Although crazy fashion on a stretched baggy clothes now, in the era of skinny jeans, seems strange. Only in the 90s could see men in a suit and sneakers at the same time, only in the nineties in sports clothes, go to discos.

Everyone was dressed to the extent possible. «New Russian» sported colored jackets, rock fans have spent the last wearing. No one has twisted my pants because tuck wide jeans was idiocy. Max – sleeves on the then-popular denim jacket.

But the main chic was considered to win a t-shirt with some action. Even Coca Cola, even cigarettes «Peter I». Important was the fact of participation.



As a mother or wife cut it, and so it went. This women abused hair, arranging hair chemical hell on light heads. Someone delved into subcultures and is worn on the head graceful punk crest, and someone was limited hairdo Schwartz. Although the average hair length was much more than now.



«Dr. pepper» was delicious. It is absolutely accurate. «Kinder»… so nobody cared, the main toy. And interspersed with the «Hippo beach» and «the Smurfs» come knights, cars and other beauty. But the main dish was the infamous «Bush legs». America fed us chicken even before KFC.

In fact, the shelves are full of goods. Especially eyes ran where he sold sweets. And then everything seemed much better. For example, recently purchased the «Wagon Wheels», which actually turned out to be not very tasty. Maybe he really was one???


In the Soviet Union advertising was not likely propaganda. But in the 90s it was so much that instantly offset by its disadvantage in previous years (up to Ancient Russia). Shared it, as a rule, more bright and figurative «imported» and more farcical «our». Import – this brutal cowboys of Marlborough. Is knows that the bow side of advertising «MMM». Well, the country would know to advertise a stall?

Although it had its own national heritage, such as the story of one of the rollers of the magazine «TV Park»: «Place plain paper in sulfuric acid, and the magazine TV-Park – in distilled water. See, with the magazine TV-Park nothing happened!» It was an era when advertising became a source of knowledge, when the best remedy for tooth decay was the gum, and member of the financial pyramid was «not freeloaders, and partner.» It is now the advertising of alcohol and cigarettes is strictly controlled and is under seven layers of restrictions. If vodka were a man in a tutu, and beer – the immense size of the actor Aleksandr Semchev. But I must say, is at that time was extremely interesting, though, and frankly stupid.



«The cursed hand of the market» forced to dramatically change the vector of orientation. The police abruptly become «cops» and the people said of them, «the Bandits just robbed and beaten, and the cops and even go to jail».

Peculiar methods of conflict resolution have led to the emergence of such a noble profession as an assassin. Really need a job. So many criminal personalities and businessmen around! But the news without reports of the death of another «way to success» of a citizen was a rarity.

The boys wanted to become entrepreneurs and to travel in the main cars of the decade – six-hundredth «Mercedes». Some thought that it is necessary to become a star. The more that show business has demonstrated that it is not the necessary talent and producer.


Of course, in a democratic society, the ruler no one will appoint. It is necessary to choose. Here the people also are faced with the phenomenon of election campaign. What happened in ‘ 96, already studied by students, journalists, historians and advertisers. From the point of view of common sense… there is little common sense. But was the dancing Yeltsin, eloquent slogan «voice of the heart», the money in the box of the Fax and the duel between the extremely unpopular Yeltsin and Zyuganov. But the magic power of PR, by hook or crook managed to convince the people, who began to understand that communism, in General, not so bad.

And all these electoral rolls with Garik Sukachev and other «barkers» in the election plot, I must say, are not devoid of charm.



Then do with freedom of speech been easier. Back in the ‘ 80s «Golden sons» residents «Stalinist» skyscrapers cast their biopace, and went on television, and become experts in everything. Therefore, criticism of the government was a matter of habit, fortunately, all this was done, not hiding emotions. Also, there’s a kinky young Ministers in white trousers, poured juice live with the leader of the most liberal of all liberal parties. In the political arena began to appear increasingly military generals. The whole country knew that the President drinks, but still picked for a second term. But actively criticized the entire government with their vouchers, «shock therapy» and other delights. The country was very wobbly, she was eating the Chechen war, finished the default and robbed those who had the idea to enrich. It is therefore difficult to give an objective assessment of the actions of Gaidar, Kiriyenko, Chernomyrdin, and other comrades. In General, they were able to change something…

But then Putin came, just at the turn of the Millennium, at the junction of two completely different eras, to fit in the time interval of 20 years. Life has changed in many ways. Now begins a new period, what will it be – depends on us. One thing is clear: we choke with nostalgic crying, remembering the «zero».

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