As we evolyutsioniruet in the distant future you read the predictions and hypotheses of scientists about the future and start to fear mentally to do the obscenity of technical progress. No, not you, and far, years 200, 300, although, much more. You just read and think about it, I want to survive this or not.

1. The immune system will become weaker

With our dependence on various drugs, and even in combination with a steadily deteriorating environment, our immune system, which is to be expected, much exhausted. To not «give tips» after the common cold, one of immune little. Sad: to not die after a tick bite, you need to eat a handful of pills. Though, maybe scientists will come up with a protective vaccine that will protect us from all diseases and will be virtually not harmful for the liver, who knows.

2. Memory becomes worse

The most valuable thing is each person is his knowledge and his memories. But now, this fortune hangs, that is, on the balance. With the development of technology, we have less to load our brain. Any information you can save and open at the right time. This trend has every reason to continue. To recall the hypothesis about a special chip with the right information, which is sufficient to insert into his flesh. Only here what will become of the brain without such recharge? In fact, some studies show that the process of «omednenija the amount of knowledge in the minds» has already begun. Memory and knowledge of young people today worse than their parents at their age.

3. Create a son for himself

Our advances in medicine have made possible the survival, even despite all the genetic mutations, defects and deviations. So that in the future such concepts as «natural selection», simply will not. Although, talking with some people inevitably begin to complain about why natural selection was merciful to them. Well, God be with him, instead we introduced the concept of «unnatural selection», the essence of which boils down to what you’re trying on the role of Serostatus to make my future child the changes that I see fit. Thanks to genetic engineering for such an amazing opportunity. Sitting in a room smelling of medicine the doctor’s office, looking into his honest eyes, you’re going to explain to him how to look your tot, razmusolivat everything from nose shape to the structure of bones and muscles. With the design in the hands of professionals who will fit his system to the conditions of the offended mother Earth. I think people will be divided into beautiful and sophisticated to outrageous and finished freaks whose parents went against the system and aiming to stand tried to put their own standards of beauty.

4. Man-squid

Some scientists suggest that our accelerated interaction with touch screens can radically change the appearance of our hands. In the end, is sung by poets and hand-fetishists delicate hands we will have nasty, superzamorozki limbs like a squid. Of course, interaction with the sensor is considerably facilitated, and the other… Your prapraprapravnuk will not be able to hold in the hand of prepreparation a tailspin because he’s a fucking squid with questionable limbs.

And the guys that are born with normal, formed by the evolution of hands (and suddenly the parents scored on antenatal modeling) will be easy to beat, because their hands are for labor, not for the sensor.

From this theory smells of idiocy and mental hospital, moreover, no one can say for sure what will happen with technology in 100 years, but you never know. Suddenly evolution will play such a dirty joke?

5. We will live forever

If the Google futurist ray Kurzweil is not lying, in the future we will eventually be able to upload our brains to the cloud, keeping mind to ensure eternal life. It sounds like another bout of fantastic vanity, but Kurzweil and other qualified geniuses predict that by the end of this century such machinations will be possible don’t need to look for the philosopher’s stone, as the man Paracelsus, enough to trust «Google».

6. Our muscles atrophy

Lifestyles become more sedentary, our muscles adapt to this case accordingly. In short, some of them atrophy, and the other part will perform very different functions. The benefit will come soon.

7. Us to go obsolete

Sadly, but with time and us to go obsolete. Human meanness together with good qualities will disappear, and in a distant galaxy sad glass eyes look artificial minds. But Stephen Hawking has warned that if humanity fails to take up the mind, then this intellect will take us. Only fascism, nuclear weapons and other delights are convinced of the fact that it is unlikely humanity will conceive. So all hope on artificial intelligence: than later he will realize that people do not need him anymore, the better for us.


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