As the smartphone steals 28 days of your life every year…


28 days is a lot or a little? What would you do with them if you had absolutely free 28 days a year? You can learn to play the guitar, learn a language, start a blog, write a book, or, if lucky, to go in search of adventure on the other side of the world. 28 days can change your life, or to survive the invasion of zombies.

However, even if all they complain about the lack of time to appreciate people and have not learned. Need to fix the other. How to do it? Start to read specific meaningless activities that consume your time, and then we will propose a very simple recipe.

As we are wasting our time

When you Wake up

We’re getting an alarm for the morning and Wake him. Of course, it’s going to a tablet or smartphone. What do we do next? Laying aside? Feel that you’re dark, man. According to the opinion polls (the poll was conducted among Americans) 80% of owners are stuck in the smartphone at least 15 minutes. Watching Twitter, Facebook and Instagram updates. Social media devour those 15 minutes, and we wouldn’t even notice.

In General, it seems that people spend much more than some 15 minutes in such cases. But with the study not going to argue.

When you sit on the toilet

I doubt that you do not take your smartphone to the toilet and read the funny memesi or news feed. Toilet reading is an ancient ritual. But if he’s acquitted? The process of withdrawal of food from the body takes much less time if in the hands you don’t have access to the Internet. Together you spend about 20 extra minutes a day of such joy. You can calculate for the interest – just don’t take a smartphone the next time you go to the bathroom.

When we are waiting for

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Whole life – a continuous anticipation of something. Are you waiting for friend get dressed, you wait in the queue to the doctor, you wait on a lunch break. About half of smartphone owners check their device multiple times per hour, when not engaged in other (harsh on a man’s job, for example). And if you are a student, a social network for you is the main form of communication. And here your friend has sent you some funny link, you open it, laugh and only 20 minutes understand that look completely different content.

We assume that the day you spend about 60 minutes in this game, although I am sure that this figure is much higher.

When I go to sleep

It’s like in the morning. Before going to bed, then check your feed, we wish you all a good night, ending verbal battle with some guy who doesn’t know, and even check everything that has been watched. It takes about 15 minutes at best, but the figure we have deliberately downplayed.


Let’s play for young mathematicians and try to count all the above mentioned. So 15 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the toilet, 60 minutes during the day and 15 minutes before bedtime. In our reality when you add these numbers it turns out the 110 minutes that are on your smartphone. This is a very average figure, and certainly understated. But let’s keep it up. Further, 110 minutes a day is of 12.8 hours a week, which means 55 hours per month or 28 days in a year. And all this on a smartphone. How to stop this technological thing?! Share secrets.

How to save time

Buy analog alarm clock

If you Wake up at the usual fashioned way, you will not need to get into your smartphone.

Just don’t take him to the toilet

So, there is nothing complicated! Save those 20 minutes for something useful. Toilet designed for dressing cases, and not for correspondence with friends.

Forget about killing time

And anyway, forget about this phrase. If you’re waiting for someone, take the book which you will benefit for career or personal sense. Even a few tens of minutes of waiting can be spent to accelerate the performance of their own desires.

Don’t be afraid to be uninformed

People often fear that they lag behind the speed of news, important world events, and so browsing the updates with pathological regularity. But what’s the point?

It is clear that distracted from the smartphone to be a daunting task. However, at some point everything will be easier: develop into a habit and life will become better and more useful.

Maybe the tips are simple, but often it is these we need to have.

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