As the smartphone has deprived us of life

That old life with fun, fellowship and a video player as the main technological asset of the family can be forgotten, it was replaced Hagatna emptiness, without which the modern world cannot be imagined. The smartphone has destroyed the traditions, personality and not only. Some statistics predict that by 2017 more than a third of the world’s population will own a smartphone. By 2020, the number of people with smartphones will be greater than the number of people with water.

Thanks to the smartphone we pulled away from some things or have changed.


If you remember old movies, any family trip by car is necessarily accompanied by goldengem, songs, jokes and other activity. Now the car is always silent. Somehow my friend noticed that taxi drivers have become dumber. Absolutely true, but not because there is a new formation, a new generation of cabs, but because we’re on the road constantly immersed in smartphones. Joyful this pointless debate has long given way to games and social media. Even before the Tamagotchi is not fed. And now automakers are building cars with Wi-Fi module to meet this need.

At the dinner table

But here, I must admit that a lot of factors. The tradition is to gather family at the table – it was deserted. We take food and takes it closer to the monitor so as not to waste time, or eat separately from each other, are traditionally buried in a smartphone or the TV, not noticing as the food falls out of his mouth. And some of us don’t remember what the food, enjoying the era of junk food.

It is really a shame. Before the dinner table was a place where they summed up the day where the whole family can share news and fun to talk to. Now is the only chance to communicate during dinner is a parallel correspondence in social networks.

Watching TV


After all, the place of the smartphone took the TV. In some families, he as before is the center instead of a home, but less and less. Now why to wait for air time, if everything at any time can be seen in the net. But even those who are going with the family in front of the plasma screen, not talking, not with bated breath watch the performance of girls from «the Voice» and dig in their gadgets. If only thinking about the electrician who rides?

At business meetings

People sit around the table and to pass the time before meeting with the chief and partner, climb into the phones. Even during the meeting, some people are very vulgar in the course of the conversation begin to answer the received letter.

Immediately after meeting most of the people answering the phone to catch up for an hour and a half of employment.


Naimisissa a manifestation of disrespect to the artist became quite commonplace just a few years. Nobody watches a concert live – all watching it through the phone screen. It is important not to attend the concert, and show off all excessive materials confirming the presence. And you know what? In fact, doing the right thing some artists, which was forbidden to come to these inhuman peaks of technological development.

In bed with a loved


Has long outlived its usefulness, the aphorism that a person goes to sleep twice: once by turning off the computer, and another time, off of the bed by the phone. And even if the bed is your soulmate, you still delve in social networks. Instead of talk, and, dammit, caress each other, now four, and gadgets – part of your Union. And any Union of this kind, where more than 2 parties, normal can not be called.

On vacation

Well, where do without him. 40 photos where you and the camel; 120 photographs of exotic plants; 432 of the self against the backdrop of the beautiful landscape and, of course, sexual photo with the exit from the pool, as if you’re not a man, and the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. And then all the pictures you need to upload and where you want to send.

But until you post a photo of your feet where something flew past the drinks on the all inclusive and had lost the true pleasure of rest, erased the constant-rate online. Come on already and get some rest!

Sporting events

It’s a mix between concerts and vacation. At a sporting event everyone wants to catch and fix any particular point in the game. How about having to watch the entire game, and worried to pure emotion?

In these photos does not make sense, they rarely come out good. You’re still just doing proof that you were there. Pointless, look at the field set, or all the goals you miss. After all, they, ironically, are hammered, while you’re distracted.

With friends

It’s the sad truth. No matter whether we’re talking here about friends or family: you’re hanging out in silence, even if you are in a room full of people. Why, then, was to gather in each other’s eyes nobody’s watching? Why not meet the people with whom I correspond? It is clear that everything happens spontaneously, but is strongly recommend to drop the phone and chat with the audience. Very nice people, by the way, have fun with them even if you didn’t. Even in the TV series «Friends», despite the fact that they are constantly, every day, see faces each other, this was not. And no matter what gadgets too. They are the same books with the news do not read Newspapers.

In a circle of new people

Party with friends, an expansion of the club, team building and a trip on the metro – there are many places where we are in a dense human environment. When people at meetings in the first place, shook hands and got acquainted, now add «friend».

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