As the photo to calculate the fat bitch on the Internet?

how can you tell she's fatSocial networks give us a huge field for Dating with girls. If you never in life did not meet with her and just noticed her witty comment or have discovered that you have many common friends, this excuse can be used for online Dating. And you met with her, she added you as a friend, you have started to communicate, and you with interest looking at her photos. Everything is fine, but the catch may be waiting for you at any time. The photos clearly shows her body? Are you sure she’s not fat? I would not say that I see no reason to meet girls in the body — just someone that physique not for everyone. How to understand, not be fat?

Say, pictures are immediately visible? Sure? Nifiga not immediately. Fat girls know how to be photographed so as to hide his true fat self. They specifically lay out the best photos of themselves to somehow raise their self-esteem. I agree, frustrating when expectations do not match reality. Imagination draws you slender friend, and out comes the Hippo. A first date will fail the most stupid way, and you’ll have to pretend that everything is going great.

Some girls these days could write a PhD on the topic «10 ways to take photos to hide your fat.» Fortunately, the secret always becomes clear sooner rather than later. Even if she is carefully posed and retouched, you will be able to declassify. Now we will tell you how the camouflage on the pics to calculate the fat in social networks.

1. She doesn’t have a photo with a body: face only, and that kadrirovanie, and anyway few pics

What would it say about the priority of the soul over the body, still the body of men pay attention in the first place. This is the main tool for women to attract attention. If a girl hides from you his trump card, it is logical to assume that it really is… it is not a trump card. There are no coincidences. If her mate label one continuous face closeup, it is likely in the body.

2. She has a photo in full growth, with which it is possible to conclude that her weight has varied

If you see her pictures and slender and thick form, it’s likely she’s going through the second stage. It is easy to conclude by date. Another tip: pay attention to the comments. If by «slim» photo no one admires her magical weight loss, so, it was a magical potolsteyu.

3. A lot of pictures of food and love of food prescribed in the information about yourself

Full girls are often photographed with food because eat often — don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes in order to figure it out. If she enthusiastically talks about food, rather, she lives to eat, not eat to live. And this very often means completeness, although there are exceptions.

4. She has a fat girlfriend

Observation of life girlfriends do everything together — like fat and losing weight. If it deals with the full girls are often found on photos), it’s likely they are not far behind.

5. The pictures at the top

This is a favorite trick of all the girls in the world: if you photograph yourself from above, this gives a lot of advantages. First, it hides the volume. Second, it corrects the shape of the nose. Thirdly, it makes the eyes. Old trick time and again proved in practice its efficiency and disappointing so many gullible dudes.

6. You can’t see her collarbones

The clavicle is not only an object of worship for Adaptec cult of thinness. The collarbone is a great indicator that allows you to determine how full of life the girl you see in the picture. If her body you can’t see the collarbone, it has the extra weight. Even the picture on top does not hide this fact.

7. Sausage fingers

She hides other parts of the body and mastered the skill of framing. It will not hide your fat fingers that I will tell you: she’s thicker than she lets on!

8. She takes pictures of only one part of your body

Girls, as a rule, know very well all the advantages and disadvantages of your body. They understand what looks good and what — not. When a girl has extra weight, she knows what to shift the focus. What part of the body to show that she looked good? It will not show the General public anything at all, except for this part of the body.

9. Describes his body type as «average» or «curvy»

Usually this graph is on Dating sites. If in the column «Figure» write something like that, most likely, is a euphemism for excessive magnificent forms. Even «athletic» — suspicious option: somehow girls are confusing fat with muscle. Maybe they even once a week, do yoga and think that’s enough.

10. No new photos

The best choice for plump girls to use pictures where they were still in good shape. Of course, it is difficult to just figure out the trick, but we must try to understand if she has new photos. What is the image quality? What’s going on in the background? What about captions and comments?

To calculate the full the girl in social networks is difficult, but possible. Yes there difficult, no more difficult than in real life. It’s like fouls in basketball: when you train the eyes, you’ll see immediately.

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