As the normal way to dress for autumn and early winter

Autumn is the perfect time: the foliage is yellow, the smell of winter in the air, the temperature jumps, as the March hare. Beauty! But in some autumn implies the presence of winter and the snow above the ankle. In any case, today we will share with you unfashionable, but very logical tips on how to dress warm and cool. And that is not recognized-bro.

1. Many layers

Remember school problem in physics that better protects three layers of clothing or one layer of triple thickness? The correct answer, if that: three layers of clothing. This winter it would be good to dress in several layers of clothing. A multi-layered clothing type shirts, vest together, but it’s not our choice. I suggest you to wear, such as shirt, shirt and a vest. You look stylish and small, knows that clothes can be combined. A great option: warm tweed jacket, tank top, shirt and underwear. Warm and cozy. Or jacket, shirt and sweater as on the picture.

2. Thin leather gloves


If you want you can buy gloves with fur inside. It is advisable to take gloves from a genuine leather: it is more hygienic, better tolerate damage and wears off slower. By the way, gloves without warm lining to wear is hard enough as leather though different properties, which is no artificial material, it has a serious drawback: despite the fact that it quickly conducts heat. Warm fur decides! Let and artificial.

3. Brush for clothes


Can and a paint roller for cleaning, but the brush is dipped in water, in the presence of direct hands doing downright miracles. In the winter, be sure to find something to wear that will be left for another dress or a substrate of small fibers. Dirt can get into corduroy pants, and suede shoes. To clean the brush it much easier. About animals and their wool, too, not forget.

4. Add suede


NO, you won’t look like gay! In dry weather, the suede shoes will look just fine. And very comfortable.

5. Quilted jacket


Or waffle. She has such a small square, anywhere soft. Reminiscent of a military stegic from the middle ages, which makes her strict. Look for a jacket with enough length to cover causal space. If you want you can find a short version, but this is not true: eggs should be protected. Use legaci-down jackets for effect of heat and kindness!

6. Get facial vegetation


Nothing is more powerful reason for the institution of a beard than the winter. Although my good friend believes that the most significant occasion — the birth of a son. Beard and dense vegetation will protect your face from the cold wind. I agree, it’s worth it! If it is not possible to have a full beard (girlfriend scolds you or just not talking), grow a stubble and occasionally shaved. Perhaps, when you taught a friend to the beard.

7. Sweater made of wool

Nafig all this acrylic and textured cotton. Pure wool — our choice. You can, for example, take the wool, but it’s not so cool. Or wool with feathers, I remember the childhood and snappy socks. Wool sweater to wear on a naked body is silly: you all day will distract «biting the sweater.» So buy yourself a shirt aka underwear, and wear with pleasure. If you want to show off and buy something, buy yourself a sweater of fine wool, it is also Merino. Products made from this wool are lightweight and very warm. To get them, they say, is quite simple. Google. You can buy socks made of Merino. Even need, winter is said to be evil.

8. Find yourself a great style coat. Not square and not on the floor


Warm down jacket for the winter — it’s certainly a cool idea. But in order to look cool and convincing, I bought myself a warm coat, which if desired can be worn with warm winter sneakers. The main thing in a coat is to choose a suitable for your style. Look, that coat didn’t make you square, shapeless and did not reach the length to the floor. The length of the floor there is a very specific people. I think that coat is for gays and metrosexuals? Wrong, in a warm winter coat can look cool and dignified.

9. To expand its range of jeans


The cold weather is a great reason to buy a new pair of jeans. Don’t know what to do? Buy jeans. In General, for any guy who wants normal look, should be a few pairs of jeans. One for summer, one for demi-season, some for the winter. To buy heavy winter thick jeans with fleece. Ideal — black, dirt is not visible, go with everything. However, there is a downside: great will be visible fluff and hair.

10. Learn to prepare hot drinks


Glogg, mulled wine and a few original drinks. Treat yourself and your friend. Why this item? For beauty. And prepare the sleigh… you know!

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