As the Federal media manipulate our fears

manygoodtips.com_28.09.2016_jioQ3FoYG7JzgWe threw away the TV’s from the balconies of their apartment buildings when I remembered about their existence and watched the news on the Federal channels. It was horrible, disgusting and expected. After all, the media always manipulate our irrational fears. But if we talk about statistics, then you are more likely to die from eating a cookie, than from terrorism. It is unlikely you will find people who are imbued with the morbid fear of cookies.

If so, then why irrational fears are strong? Why we spend so much time worrying about things that hardly ever take place? However, we still ignore the real threats to our security. It turns out that the media gives an unrealistic view of the world?

Hot topic

TV is noticeably inferior to the Internet. It passes position by position and it would continue. We all complain that there is nothing to see, but really, the producers just want to survive, and of course, earn money. So they hit the ground, reducing all the human emotions to its original state.

If it’s about sex, it will discuss the scandal, rape, pedophilia. If things only the most «outrageous» and «grotesque» of them. And the more they do stories about terrorist attacks and plane crashes, the less shocking they become, because to them getting used. However, such incidents provided the scale of national disasters, though their prevalence is reduced to isolated cases.

The constant replication of «catastrophic» the causes us to overestimate the impact of these events on our lives.

And the reason is totally the Mercantile character — people have ceased to wonder. Today we have access to any way, any information, any opinion. So no one wants to watch on the first channel of the transmission that is educational or educational in nature. And the news about the collision of cars is no surprise — every day we see these accidents. And the plane we see rarely. And it’s not that many people died just around the falling plane is an atmosphere of mourning, despite the fact that many more people are killed by drunken tractor.

The sudden threat

When our attention is focused on the consumption of bad news, we become less inclined to preventive measures that can protect us from future threats. This can have disastrous consequences for health, because we cannot look beyond the veil of illusory fears, how our actions will affect the future.

If you think that you have more chances to die from a terrorist attack than from obesity, then you put more energy thinking about terrorism, not thinking about healthy eating. You less on health care, ignore the real risks and do not exercise. If we talk about it in the context of planning for the future, you are chosen a losing path.

The news format is designed for instant reaction, and therefore, on the instant experience. It distinguishes news from journalism or literature. But if you’re busy instant experience, then you have an unknown future. To put it simply, you don’t think that you need to lay anti-slip mats for the bathroom, but I think that the coming «global warming» that predicted the Incas.

«We’re not them»

If we consider a certain centralisation of the national media, it becomes clear that there is no pluralism of opinions on television channels there. TV is so arranged that in the absence of pluralism of opinions and the conflict of parties, it creates a conflict with the «external forces». That is, beginning, perhaps even unconsciously, but propaganda work, where all events will be shown in the model of «we’re not them».

If the television is watched by enough people, even in peacetime, there is every opportunity to create the atmosphere of an impending storm, of conflict and war.

Why is it necessary? First, it is nutritious to a mass audience, because he ceases to feel his loneliness to the world, because the enemy was found, and friends are all here. Secondly, the state is thus able to translate the attention from the real problems on the mythical, thereby promoting the clearly unpopular initiatives that restrict the freedom of the press, freedom of information and freedom of enterprise. However, all this is very fine game, and if the authoritarian country to build a brand the concept of the vertical media, that wiser people will likely begin to notice that something was wrong.

The present worse than the past

manygoodtips.com_28.09.2016_eQZ4a2r2wqJp4The horrors in the news make us think that the world is going to hell. We believe that the world has become more violent and dangerous than it was before, when really, our world is safer than it has ever been. It is a statistical fact — the crime rate is down, and there was no Paradise in the Soviet Union and life was not as easy as you think.

Despite our fears about health, we live longer than ever before because our food is safer, and modern medicine have eliminated diseases that once destroyed entire Nations. From the point of view of material values, we can have anything we want — only need to earn. And the opportunity to earn everyone, even the paralyzed man — look at Hawking.

Unfortunately, mankind has always idealized the past, oplevyvaya present and fearing the future. All because to face the future without fear — it means to take responsibility for their lives. But how many people can do that? It is much easier to listen to on TV about how bad that collapse of the Soviet Union, which was a real Communist Eden, and all the talk about the repression 30-ies of XX century from evil and liberal. But it is natural. The man who cannot find himself in this, always looking for myself in the past thinking that was just born at the wrong time.

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