As the driving turns you into Superman

manygoodtips.com_31.08.2015_952T1aGPFAHZMIf you’re a driver or even a driver with experience, you probably think that the main concern of any car owner is to follow the road, time to slow down in time to Rev up to shift gears when necessary. You are not even aware that your brain and body are synchronized with your car in a strange format. You can say that you become half man, half machine, a kind of cyborg. Or something like that. Want proof – read.

1. Chemical impact

If an accident or sudden danger on the road happening right in front of your eyes, in your body is injected various chemicals such as adrenaline. This is necessary to ensure that your muscles could very quickly respond to critical circumstances. Increased heart rate, pupils dilate, starts strong surge of energy.

Side effect of this «chemical attack» is the increase in long-term memory storage, so after the car accident the man could remember every detail that occurred during the accident, up to the number of spoons of sugar in coffee, which was at hand.

2. You develop muscle memory

Your body remembers the simple, but necessary movement to close the door, fasten the seatbelt, start the car and press various buttons and levers. All this brought to perfection. So, if you have never driven a car, but suddenly got into it, you feel very strange, everything seems strange and incomprehensible. But after a while no longer have to think twice where that is how to press the gas and the force with which it is necessary to turn the wheel.

A very handy tool, especially if you imagine that time to think on the road is often not. Muscle memory will save you in many situations.

3. Your inner ear is constantly monitoring the movement of the car

The inner ear is a natural early warning system, or «spider sense», call it what you want. This division of the hearing organ is responsible for balance and may suggest in which direction to expect danger. Have you ever felt the small shiver that ran along the spine? Now, this reaction starts an internal ear. This will be useful when you’re going through an impenetrable wall of rain or a dense fog, and rushes towards you, a huge truck with a drunk trucker.

4. Coordination of eye and car

If you’re renting reverse into a Parking place or run at high speeds on the highway, maybe even driving on the race track, you feel your car. When I move my legs and hands, ultimately, understand how your car moves.

This happens because your brain evaluates your actions more than you can imagine. And your hand is a logical extension of your brain, in turn, his hands find their continuation in the form of a car. Everything is a vibrational spectroscopy between the car systems and your internal systems and forms what we call driving.

5. Your brain pays attention to important things

All the potential threats on the road, all what you need to look is in the section of the brain known as the reticular formation. However, this section is in the spinal cord, but does not change the fact. The reticular formation itself defines such things as sleep and alertness. It turns out, this area of the brain, makes us more alert. But there is another side of this remarkable mechanism. For example, if you have 10 hours sitting behind the wheel, and must go all the next night, the same part of the brain makes you more sleepy than it really is.

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