As the crisis has changed all of us

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2016_5SIq0yWQ37LQuTo deny it is pointless and late. The economic crisis has permanently changed our lives. He has perverted our tastes, wiped off the face of the earth the old habits and created new ones. We are not the same that was before. Nobody says that today Russia survives. Of course, there are places in this world that are much worse for leisure and a comfortable existence, some war, some famine and epidemics. In fact, not many quiet places on the planet. Even prosperous countries of Northern Europe are flooded with contradictions.However, I have not lost the sense that the economic troubles of Russia is largely to blame ourselves. Its amorphousness, inaction, unwillingness to be responsible for their own well-being we have created the Hydra, which shattered to pieces our well-being. How to get out of this shit? How to live? Indeed life has changed? Economists and politicians talk a lot, but in fact, their predictions do not stand the test of time.

According to the Fund ‘Public opinion’ in may of 2016, as economic crisis has 80% of Russia’s population. Mainly manifested by the crisis, according to 40% of respondents, rising prices and utility tariffs. The majority of respondents, namely 29%, say about a significant decrease in standard of living, miserable wages, pensions, the delays. 16% is talking about total unemployment and cuts at work.It seems that the present prolonged depression only at the level of society. Everyone understands that there is a hell that every day is becoming smaller, but many, however, continue to hope for the state. Maybe in the old Soviet habit, perhaps focusing on the experience of other countries where the government introduces a system of unconditional income.

It is very tempting to get the money that you simply live in their own country, and many naively believe that this newfangled thing future.

Imagine a nationwide referendum (I agree, it’s hard to imagine, but try), where a question will be raised: whether the citizen of the Russian Federation the unconditional income in the amount of two average monthly salaries or not? If the majority vote for, then you can not work at all, to dedicate my life to what you like: — factory, office, goodbye job! In Switzerland the other day there was such a referendum. I want to know its results?

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_T3h6Fk8LykdQgThe idea is that you pay all the money for nothing, incompatible with the reality in which we live. People need to work to earn income. It’s natural. If you pay just so that no one will work. We are not doing anything and start to Peter out.

Charles Wyplosz –Referendum which took place on June 5, over the fact that the inhabitants of Alpine countries opposed of guaranteed baseline payments, the amount of which was 2.5 thousand dollars per month. Made on a broad front – 77% voted against. I do not think that the case in the hard work of the Swiss, rather, it is a clear understanding of the mechanisms of the economy. Free cheese – poisoned cheese. Besides, it is unlikely our government, despite the huge deposits of natural resources able to implement such projects.

Honestly, they are taken on the responsibilities but does not do what he says.

Remember the story with the freezing of pension savings (third year in a row she’s coming, by the way). What is the result? And the fact that the working population will have to work the rest of your life. Against this background, endlessly funny are the words of renowned economists like Jacob Mirkin, who say: «Again begin the cyclic growth of the world prices for oil and gas, metals, food. And then you can see something similar to the 2000-ies, when world commodity prices lifted up to the sky, currency, abundantly poured upon us, and family incomes are steadily growing». What are you talking about drug addict? You come to young families, see how they live, what they eat, and what to expect. In the country, it seems, there was only one honest politician. I don’t know a single person who would not be affected by the economic crisis in one form or another. Working people have become poor, poor become beggars, and beggars – homeless. Wealthy people are not poor, but also lose money, when faced with the danger of bankruptcy.

The richer you are, the more money you lose.

However, the provided layer of our population, the rules of ordinary people do not apply – they are still using money from the budget, our money. Strategically important corporations, what do you want? I thought I’ll be able to get funding for your social service startup? Come here, buddy, but you got to pay taxes!

Literally all of the familiar things become more expensive, ranging from toilet paper to tooth filling. Budget foreign production has changed substandard and more expensive counterparts. Major chains, such as Magnit, trying to get out at the expense of own production. People, meanwhile, are patient and study the experience of their ancestors who drove moonshine in the 60s. self-Made alcohol back in fashion, they engaged almost every tenth man. People in the know have already got high-quality suppliers of various berry liqueurs.

Now our average price tag rose significantly, while we do not speculate on the crisis. The fact that there is simply no drugs on the market – of foreign supplies is closed for us, as for many other dental clinics. You have to kick these drugs through domestic competitions, and there prices are more expensive. Domestic manufacturer, I think maybe so deliberately overprice, maybe he also represented to the wall, I don’t know. But bottom line: people want to take cheaper options that will undoubtedly impact on health.

– Elena Fedorova, doctor-dentist –

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2016_UECwwDLtV3JwzBut we don’t want to write an ode to the poverty and economic decline, we decided to go to the people and talking to people who are at different financial position, different status in society – all of them, each in his own way, faced with a crisis face to face. We gave them to speak, to describe their feelings about the situation of reality. Wanted to find a guy or a girl who would tell us that everything in the economy is good and the salary too. Did not want to publish one-sided view on the subject, but these optimists could not be found, but our roster has some really interesting thoughts, absorbing experience. These thoughts are more eloquent than any statistic, any truthful social survey from Federal agencies.

Marina Lutsenko, 23 years

Sales assistant in a clothing store, the salary is 6,800 rubles per month

I work in a clothing store, has finished courses of hairdresser. Now my salary is 6,800 rubles per month. Even while living in a small town, this money anything is not enough. To get a part-time job impossible, because during the week I only have one output. To find another job trying, but so far without success – everywhere reduction. At the same time I do not support a family, I think like me a lot. I have no backup plan, their own homes, too, course, no. Yes, and it generally can appear with such a salary? Fortunately, I managed to find a room for which I pay 3000 rubles, together with the communal.

Save the account for everything. I mean, really at all. The food is calculated by days and it is very difficult when it ends, and salary delay for a week. What hunger, what I know and have friends to ask for money is a shame – at a pace they could ever turn away from me, so I don’t strain on financial issues. This is still accustomed to this way of life, there are no other options.Many are advised to move to a bigger city, where there will be more opportunities for work, but to move you need money at least for the first time. And with a salary to think about it – make you upset.

Used to be better, although at the time we didn’t understand. Such sky-high prices for food, clothing was not. Yes, and the salary, anyway, is moving up. Now she stands still, and prices continue to rise. Like it or not, but I want to eat.

Who is to blame? Can’t really say. My opinion is the government that is strangling people with taxes every year more and more.

From this and businessmen hard, I understand their motive when they spend reduction. Of course, in some cases, and to blame the authorities, but it is a matter of conscience.

I hope that in the near future something will happen, something good. There’s always a way, only to find it, sometimes need a lot of time and effort, but I do not miss. In any case, I’m not going to leave the country, even if given the opportunity, but about moving to the big city of course, I think.

Porada.kom.ua_9.06.2016_Af29NIpPivxlANikita Izyumov, 26 years

Realtor, salary – 500 000 rubles per year

I work in estate Agency. Specificity of work is that the money goes for different considered months does not work, but if you add up all the numbers for the year, there are about 500 000 rubles. Since the wife is manicure at home, we have a regular minimum income for everyday needs.

Save deliberately, because there is an understanding that you need to buy in the first place: car, home, all, as far as future children. Money makes money, so the majority of revenues (a small part) there is the possibility of creating their own business, which will help in these matters.

While we normally eat. Regularly buy meat and vegetables that are actually much cheaper than some of the semi-finished products, and healthier. But limit ourselves in certain categories of luxury products: cheeses, meats, honey milk. If we talk about recreation and leisure, we regularly go to the movies at premieres, but usually in the morning when it is cheaper. It makes no sense to pay for the same movie twice more money. We buy clothes as needed, every 3-4 months consistently.

The crisis, of course, breathe a full breast. Work much: in real estate a large decline in demand. But I don’t sit still, constantly make attempts to find a new income, no matter how strange it was. That eventually will fade.

You can argue long about who brought the country to this state. I think it’s a complex issue, and there are, of course, a combination of factors. But I would point out the economic and political elite that continues to infest the commodity and corrupt rents. Accordingly, if to speak globally, it needs to be changed. Take loans for business development – it’s a mockery.

They are given under the draconian 17-20%. If there was an acceptable rate, then I would and he took the credit.

Today, to live in dignity, the young family to plow. To develop in all ways, not only in economic terms. Especially not to stand on the spot and not wait for the sea weather, and to take responsibility to try to change lives for the better. Even in the Russian conditions it can be done if you have the desire and will. The main thing – not to give up after failures. They make you stronger and give experience. Fail a hundred times, and then turn in the one hundred and first. Think so. Do what you must, come what may.

Andrei Vorob’ev, 29 years old

Lawyer salary – 23 thousand rubles a month

I am a lawyer in an LLC, are engaged in arbitration proceedings, participation in tenders and do other boring things. Education and experience 7 years. Today I get 23 000, which for a small town good. Over the last fifteen years real income has dropped by 30 percent, if offhand. Also earn small legal services to third-party firms in the past month reached 5 thousand, it’s 4 PM and spent a little bit of nerves because of the bureaucracy in public institutions. Even a couple of such firms clients, and it would be better. But I find it easier than many people my age, because parents went to the apartment, she works too, and we have no children. And I don’t want them, because to provide them a decent life with that income is problematic.

Savings accounts in many ways, and for food including: if earlier it was possible just to put the right products in the basket, it is now necessary to look that there for action, and to choose cheaper. Cheese do not remember when I took it because it is terrible, or expensive and too terrible. From the nuts had to be abandoned – their prices soared four times. Vegans probably especially sad for this reason.Clothes take where before, but now less often, more as needed. For example, stingy on the trekking sneakers, and now hit the legs in the campaign. By the way, relax and it turns out: trips, trip to Russia, when you think about it, it turns out it is available.

The crisis does exist, and we live in it for a long time. On all the blame is clear that Russia is ruled by stupid, fundamentally UE….those scum, do not consider this country as a place where they will live their children, and revel in impunity, because all instruments of influence on power destroyed.

That advise young people don’t know. For all time, «getting up off its knees» there was not a single social worker or a social Elevator (unless emancipated to become an activist of some Pro-Kremlin movement, but this is also doesn’t work, they ran out of money for this show). All programs of support of small business – a fiction, but or levies huge fines from the Supervisory authorities is very real.

In General it is necessary to hope only for itself, to become a professional in your area and avoid contact with the state apparatus – he is not our friend.

Overall, I have some bad forecasts and sentiment about Russia, so I don’t know what to advise.

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