As techno-billionaires will change our lives

Silicon valley creates technological monsters that can act as they wish. After all, they have everything: authority, knowledge, power and, most importantly, a lot of money. They carry in their minds of crazy wild ideas and realize, completely changing the balance of forces in a particular sector of the market. In General, we decided to look at these geniuses (or criminals), which may alter our world or, at least, will give us all food for thought.

1. Peter Thiel, the libertarian sea colony

Billionaire Peter Thiel is quite ambitious. It has a great status and is not going to waste on fast life, instead, he invests a considerable portion of their money in the project city-state, which is artificially going to build by 2020. In fact, this city is a floating platform with its own economy, its own order and law.

The beauty is that the till of their ideological views – a hardcore libertarian. This means that if you want to live in a place where the word «will» means absolutely all, watch for this project. Peter expects to increase the number of island residents by 2050, up to ten million people. I hope that he will succeed.

2. Jeff Bezos, 10,000-year clock

What a stupid idea? However, it depends. Now not in the nature of clocks that could operate without human intervention for a long time. Any hours you need to change the batteries or to wind the clock mechanism. But what does Jeff Bezos, the founder when deciding to Fund such a crazy project? Perhaps the fact that the dude just wants to create a modern wonder of the world, which would value the descendants, and this is a very noble idea. The practical meaning of this project at the moment visible is difficult and unlikely as that will change our lives, but we’ll see.

3. Elon Musk, Hyperloop

In fact, Elon Musk said that this project is postponed indefinitely. Too much of it was based on, and waste time on such a thing is unlikely to be justified when it is necessary to launch reusable rockets to Mars. But Hyperloop earlier in the mind of the billionaire and philanthropist. And that’s good, because the need to change the transport system is long overdue: cities increase in size, the population becomes larger, and the roads did not want to expand. So imagine a giant pipe, which move passengers, like balls ping-pong table, just for the speed of a thousand kilometers per hour. Who knows, maybe this is our future?

4. Craig Venter, In search of immortality

Pretty scary for those people who believe that immortality is a sick and wrong. Craig Venter is one of the leading biotechnologists in the world, and now he has been trying to find a way to extend the life of up to two hundred years. He is a radical in the world of genetics and a pioneer in the field of synthesis of artificial life. Settled down the money after began to offer the service full transcripts of the human gene for everyone. And wishing it was a lot, so we can see that now Venter has all of the ability to prevent aging or to save mankind from age-related diseases. We wish him good luck.

5. Tim Cook, Nebia

Nebia is a real salvation for any Patriotic family that cares about their utility bills. It is a shower that saves up to 70% water when you use it. There are already prototypes, but soon the product will be released on the General market. Costs money but pays off, as reported by the creators over two years. From a technical point of view Nebia uses the potential of a small amount of water to complete, sawing one stream millions of components, the surface area increases 10 times. Besides, Apple CEO not bad advice.

6. Paul Allen, Centre for the study of the brain

Co-founder of Microsoft, which builds mega yachts and buying sports teams, also have poured a lot of their resources in the learning Centre of the brain, which is named after him. The emphasis is on understanding the relationship of gray matter and consciousness. The centre is occupied by more specific research: for example, the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In General, a good thing to do overseas billionaires, really surprised that this is somewhere possible.

7. Eric Schmidt, Larry page, the Industrial development of asteroids

These two monetary giants are stacked in a rather dubious topic – mining resources on asteroids. Now it seems crazy, the ravings of a lunatic, but now the US government adopted a program to explore the possibilities of sending robots to the area of space between Mars and Jupiter. While it’s all about how to turn fantasies into a long-term project to build fuel depots for long-term space missions and how to get precious metals and other items to make a profit.

8. Gordon Moore, a 30-meter telescope

Gordon Moore, founder of Intel, almost 90 years old and it still works, but now in pleasure. In General, Moore decided to hit the biggest telescope in the world and the most accurate, is of great interest in the community of astrophysicists. The idea is wonderful, because we want to learn something about space. However, the project is estimated at 6.7 billion dollars, and it is not every billionaire will pull, even such as a Wall.

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