As technical progress makes you a bad driver

When you sit in the driver’s seat, around you begin to work the various functions security, backup, automatic braking, blind spot warning system and automatic Parking. Camera that allow you to see all sides, excellent sensors, warning you of the nonsense on the road. Great twists, especially when you consider that most people can’t drive.

But there is an interesting paradox: there is no doubt that they save lives and make your journey safer, but the same technology to turn you into a very bad driver.

You rely on technology, as if on crutches

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2016_6Wi2oVP5YZUYgThe use of numerous prompts and «help» is the equivalent of using cheat sheets on exams. It lies hidden in the sleeve, and is waiting in the wings. But the student is not in a hurry to use it, because it is not so much for the help, but for peace of mind.

Also get blind spot sensor, ABS and traction control. Over time, begin to rely on them, even though I use them infrequently. Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, without technological frills. You get used to them so that they cease to notice one simple thing – without them, you drive worse.

The more you use them, the less you trust yourself behind the wheel

Lack of confidence may increase a hundred times, especially if you’re at the controls of insanely powerful machines. Remember driving lessons? Always nervous, pulled the wheel, afraid to miss something, was inhibited with the help of an instructor, waited until the last minute before you change lanes, and then reluctantly and with hope maybe he jerked the wheel. But modern technology has reached the point that at the right time podkorrektirovatj your Parking, Yes, the same Park that you couldn’t pass on the racetrack. The monitor light and the insistent beeping impart hope, because cars with such systems are sold with a Bang.

But the system on the machine there, and the machine itself is… And where does skill come from? But if you’re going to a simple machine, what will you do? Panic, pain, anxiety, and dumb questions: «Where’s the signal?! How to navigate? Where to return? How to perform parallel Parking?»

Cars, as before, depend on us

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2016_W28IN4AIhPB7kThe more machines perform the basic skills, the less we remember how to do them. Soon we slow down and forget yourself. But once no one knew about ABS and hydraulic steering. And nothing went, even managed not to fit into the wall at full speed. Just think about what happens when the light appears more and more cars, like the BMW i3. Steering control, radar and camera on the windscreen, active braking and autopilot… Even the most basic driving skills gradually begin to erode.

But the better you master the basic driving skills, the more relaxed you’ll feel driving. And, most importantly, this relaxation is not to the detriment of mind.

Driving a new Tesla avtopilotiruemy can sleep, because she’ll drive you to your destination. Only it does not guarantee you a successful contact with home, these machines will still have an accident. When you refuse to take mental shortcuts, and translate the decision-making and psychological liability on your car… You’re not exempt from the legal and physical consequences. Sue is not a car and the owner. Lying with a broken spine is also not it.

The autopilot further than it looks, but close

Designers and engineers in full struggling to create a fully avtopilotiruemy machine, and at this moment the car industry is in a murky transition. Google said that when the company began its test drivers was somehow uncomfortable to sit and do nothing while driving. The biggest obstacles to Autonomous cars is still the same unpredictable life situations on the road that require decisions and human intervention.

Technology in our cars are moving in that direction, where the most important legacy item will be the driver. Just sit down, make yourself comfortable and go wherever you want. And we once again recall: the technique helps those who help themselves.

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