As Shawarma food for the poor has turned into a cult «scroll of the gods»

In the throes of exhausting participation in an endless cycle of agony, wheel of Samsara, each average citizen starts to look for an outlet — a small raft that will take him away from disappointment; «beauty», which will continue to fill it with meaning of life, like Gollum. Someone chooses drugs, someone prefers the family and the smartest and, as it turns out, the happy, fate turns in a wonderful street Arab temples of the gods, where gestatory Aladdin famously twists the divine scroll, filled with vegetables, sauce, meat, and content, and ox-eyed Scheherazade with tired irritation takes money and with a tight smile, wishes you a pleasant meal. And as soon as the teeth break through the veil of toasty dry lavashnaya skin when through the holes of the teeth the mouth should be, the sauces blood, when godlike mishmash suffers from teeth, the soul starts dancing under the terrible mix of «Habibi» and favorite music. In my head, maddened by the taste, born strange Association and comparison with the sex and the invitation to participate in «Field of dreams» — so that’s fine.

That’s the way a Shawarma or as they say in the original language: «شاورما» became the most popular, fashionable and deify dish last year. Surprisingly, as the Shawarma occupied the expanses of our country from Chuhoni to Japanese borders immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That’s just before the «Shawa», as she fondly calls lined up young people, it was very dumb to buy. In the were legends that the meat inside is made of 100% flesh innocent street rats, dogs, and cats; not credible, shaurma with gold teeth, a primitive knowledge of the Russian language and the bare unwashed hands that he touched the pita bread immediately after money. Cheap and affordable food for the taxi drivers, the homeless and employees of the market. The formula is nourishing and healthy snack for those who don’t want to pay a lot. But it before, but now the formula tasted, the word «kebab» has ceased to be associated with diarrhea, and every hipster will tell you what samuhu and where you need to take. In the queue you can see people of almost all social strata, from poor students to faculty and majors from simple hard workers to beautiful girls. There were even urban legends about where can you find a supposedly «real», «best» samuhu in the city, people are not lazy to go to the other end of the city to try «the one». Some even specially come to Nizhny Novgorod to try unofficially the most delicious Shawarma in Russia — the legendary Shawarma on Srednem, according to rumors, the unthinkable and impossible to delicious big. And all more or less decent network eatery, but empty and Nesmachniy of the word «roll», was featured and native warm «Shawarma». Some of these places are so elite, they ask for their dish to almost 1000. This magical transformation from rags to riches there are a number of simple reasons.Shaverma, Shawarma, Doner-kebab, durum, dyuner — all different names for essentially the same dishes. So in different countries is called grilled meat with sauce and salad wrapped in pita bread or tortilla. For example, Mexican burritos, Armenian barbecue in Karski and the main competitor of Shawarma in Russia and the Balkan countries — Greek gyros, remind between a family who are in a bad relationship with each other and thoroughly denied the relationship.

The recipe for the Shawarma, we have the happiness to have been invented relatively recently, in 1972. It is considered the Creator of the Turks living in Germany, Kadir Nurman. He reworked the traditional recipe of kebab. With a light hand of the chef, which was built on the production of Shawarma own business, the recipe spread throughout the world.

Features of cooking was specially prepared pita bread or tortilla and proper roasting of the meat. Filling used shredded vegetables and sauce. The meat used varied, but most often in pita bread got beef, chicken or Turkey.

Burgers got

The polarity and diversity of fast food is growing exponentially, which of course, can not but rejoice. Because in the 26 years since, as the range was not limited to the sausage rolls, pasties and khachapuri, all rather tired of the seemingly eternally iconic burgers. One time reigned bread with a meat Patty in the middle, then pizza, then sushi. All tired, it was time for something new, clean and inexpensive. And everything is new — it turned out to be useless old.

The quality of sanitary norms

Shawarma is still being done dirty people with their dirty hands twist stale meat in shapeless letters. However, it is full of well kept houses where everything as it should be: one turns, the other takes the money and places the order. It is a business: accounting, control and even well-known culture. Knowing that rudeness is no longer in honor, the owners of the outlets now have good hygiene, and quality, and even do not forget about advertising and the culture of communication with the client. After this Shawarma to treat as a noble food, but not as a coat diarrhea. And just need to put the cashier, who will not have to touch it to believe that the meat Shawarma noble birth.

Taste and convenience

And yet it wouldn’t be so popular if it was not so tasty and convenient. Despite the fact that not every Shawarma reminds angelic kiss, and some too dry, some unevenly distributed toppings, some meat instead of gristle and veins, and some falling apart in her hands, she very rarely disappoints. Especially satiety. To eat two steaks in a row — from the category of myths. And in addition to satiety, it is in itself very convenient. In both form and content, and in fact. Some one «roll of happiness» replaces a complete meal. In the end, it’s bread with meat and salad, which in itself is delicious. And here it is masterfully spun a caring jockey, so don’t need any plates, Cutlery, go and bite a stylish scroll.

Place in the culture

And still nothing popularitywith food as culture. And an example of a gyro is unique. In fact, this is the first dish that became cult thanks to the Internet and television. That is, the kebab was by all accounts a dish of the future, which was able to spin without a producer and additional funding. As was the case in this way.

It is no secret that fans of Oriental food of the gods have a habit like to try the Doner kebab in different places and thus, to find the best, the perfect, the perfect recipe, the Golden formula, sung by Eric Clapton («You’re so beautiful»). They say that Scorpions song «Send Me an Angel» («Here I am. Will you send me an angel?») meant that is the best recipe. But back to but stalkers who are willing to get around the whole city in search of the Holy Grail with chicken or pork. Mild curiosity, thanks to the social networks and the sincere desire to help fellow man (a mutual lovers of Shawarma at the highest level)? with time turned into a cult. It all started with the social networks. In «Vkontakte» began to appear EN masse of the ad hoc group, in which fans of meat in a pita publish the reviews on the dishes, tried them in different places. Gradually produced a special slang and what started as a joke, became a hobby of thousands of people. But if there’s laughter escalated into something relatively serious, according to the law of the universe where the situation with the popularity of the Shawarma must reach the extreme limits of a healthy idiocy. It happened after the appearance of the public «Beautiful girls and Shawarma». For two months he was signed by 22 thousand people, about page written in Russian and foreign media, and the number of posts exceeds a thousand. The paradox is that such a hard and seemingly not at all feminine food is great love the fair half of mankind.

Overseas the trend is the best of the dishes did not go unnoticed. But the love for Asian food caused their worst fears: and is not this all part of Putin’s propaganda aimed at the displacement of large Western networks junk food from Russia?

Some publications have written about seriously «but to kick the Burger», but if these fools had a taste, they would understand that love between food and people is mutual and not imposed.But the contribution of the public in the cause of the rise of the Shawarma over the other dishes are minuscule compared to those that made her well-known blogger, alcoholic, recently rapper and just a good man Yuri Khovansky. His show «Shaverma-patrol», where he and his comrades Kuzma Gridin and Maxim Bogachev patrol the streets shermanii unofficial capital of Russia (it is this title, in addition to the title of «hero city» and «cultural capital» is the city of St. Petersburg) in search of a better, gaining hundreds of thousands of views. What makes watching chewing Shawarma guys and seriously think about it, hard to say. Here, everyone has there own reasons. But now the name Khovansky is closely connected with this dish, and to some he is revered as the guru of the divine scrolls. One thing is for sure: since the release of the show, crowds of schoolchildren, swarmed the stalls and cried, «chicken!», «Pork!», increased several times. Another measure of a cult is memeticist things or people. After the release of «Shaverma-patrol» dramatically increased the number of jokes such as: «I, of course, not ideal, but you’re not a Shawarma,» or pictures where the Shawarma is depicted as an ideal component of a romantic date. The start is given, and is crowned by his most moving song about mutual love, dedicated to the caftan of the mysterious city of Kulebaki. If food is your anthem — this means that it will unite the peoples and lead us into battle against the empty and vicious.

Not annoying anyone

And here’s the thing: at the time of joining his cult, it still does not tired. Unlike vapers, podchinennyh jeans and beards. All because the Shawarma has never made anyone uncomfortable — it is versatile and can approach each. Her scent beckons, and does not cause suffocation, it steam warms the soul, and does not make asthmatics cough, it can afford each. It adjusts on a friendly footing, creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth and teaches courtesy. Because even a single fan of Shawarma wasn’t trying to convince the lover of gyros is that gyros are better.

The love of Eastern cuisine

In fact, historically, that we, the people, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has always been like Eastern cuisine. Plov, pelmeni, shish kebab, khash — these come from foreign cuisines have made our diet richer and tastier, it can be a classic home kitchen. The Shawarma we used more than 20 years, and now just came the moment when she took full place in the diets of most people in the country. But such is the nature of time, nothing popular escapes ironic, ironic view of society.

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