As sex obsessed culture is killing you man extraordinary paradox: that modern society is doing everything to have sex was the best-selling, ubiquitous and marketable commodity, and in parallel makes your audience feel inadequate. It’s not just about marketing. Our entire culture is built on this Foundation, and from the outside it resembles a cannibal devouring himself.Every man who positions himself in society: a loser, a sucker, a pussy, a plumber, sexy dad, UN Chien andalou, talent. All of this provides person some sort of uniqueness that allows you to identify him in a large mass of human. You cherish the honorary title of «sex dad» and trying to develop it to any realized values. However, there comes a time when there is some kind of snake with evil intentions and overt hostility to your person. This can be as your personal enemy and rival. Or maybe it’s just resentful at life and people asshole, whose mission is to make people at least uncomfortable. And this man is trying to destroy you mentally.

Let’s say you’re a self-taught artist who paints wonderful surrealism that appreciate your friends and acquaintances. You even started this to make money, but Mr. dick convinces you that your work is a joke, ugly baby with no future. After all, you didn’t finish art school, so only a disgrace to the art, and it would be a good idea for you to throw to shame. And to have a conscience, after all, your colleagues from the art academies can’t make you love, and you, the ignorant impostor, that’s how wonderful settled, and the money you have many.

And in General, work is sucks, like you 20 times more than unfunny jokes in KVN. Creative people are dangerous and useless, so go-ka you, my friend, and scatter the rats in the sewers, it’s more useful. That is, you just say that thing that you highlighted, made visible and have been meaning to existence — useless crap.

Roughly the same effect of modern mass culture by trying on a subconscious level to kill the idea of courage. Man, it is important to understand that he is a man, he was the stereotypical, strong, strong breadwinner, who hope that women perceive as a potential sexual partner, and the men like a normal dude. When the opposite happens, it can be compared to the resentment experienced by girls when they are told that they are fat, ugly, Bessie and bizopia creatures that look like 12-year-old boy.And first of all it concerns the sexual aspect of life: guy want to be perceived as male and woman as female. Let the professional and even the family terms, there is a departure from traditional gender stereotypes, by sex does not change anything. This, of course, talking about heterosexual persons. And any discharge from these rules affects the ego.

Do you remember how it all began…

20 years ago porn was something forbidden — a thing which all admired, but it was not accepted to show. Porn was a magazine that was carefully hidden from children. Finding it by accident, we knew that this is something forbidden, taboo, and it would be nice if no one knew you even touched it.

Although some fear that the child will grow up with wrong orientation, demonstrate him puffing naked uncles and aunts (and even perceived sexual intercourse in 6 years?) as early as possible. A strange spectacle, where the man and woman touch each other’s genitals, and then of these bodies poured something strange and suspicious — not all children is going to benefit.

Most of the sex scenes in the video based on the meeting of two people who are in the process of communication, removed his pants and begin the dirty deed. Some scenarios seem pornorolikov arhidiakon even for adults, although we understand that it’s not real, and that this story means a genre picture.

What do children see? They see that if you met someone cute, then just grab the cock and start poking around with your fingers in the sweet spot. In porn, even in gang rapes is no such thing as failure. There’s one rule: catch that want to fuck, and fuck. In a sense it can teach dedication and difficult field to succeed, but not so simple.

Let’s not forget that in the first decade of life sex seems to be something disgusting. About this uncomfortable and disgusting to think about. Any kind of kissing on television people in the joint viewing with parents causes confusion: because you perceive it as something forbidden, but here they giggle and look askance. Remember your feelings at the sight of the Blowjob: what this fool does, what she puts in his mouth, from the same urine flows. Human physiology very imperfect, therefore children are not aware of the fact that people put each other things that would lead to not very pleasant liquid. And yet it seems that it is very painful.

Declared sex

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2016_5LGpoyMRK83AXCloser to adolescence we begin to notice that every aspect of life has a sexual undertone. Movies, series, music, jokes, fashion, video games — all imbued with sex. What did we see? How guy fucked the pie in American pie as the girls twist the priests in almost all clips, starting with Andrei Gubin and ending Guns n ‘ roses.

Adolescence is a time of perpetual excitation, provokes everything else external culture. Pop culture in General has always been focused on young people, and so most of the concerts, starting with Britney Spears and Madonna, which is never anything clever sang, and ending somewhere podunavac Miley Cyrus, more like the party in the brothel. Even in their attire, the emphasis is on the genitals, butt and Breasts — still the most outstanding places that artists casually embraced. This is the tool of earnings. Therefore, in crappy expensive gloss so often exaggerate weight gain artists.

Sex anywhere and everywhere. Remember the time when your classmates during the breaks showed a video of erotic content on the small screens of older phones. Porn was available of the report in biology. The culture would say to us: «If you’re not having sex, then you’re not a man. You’re pathetic and weak.» The irony is that it was better not to show it. For very diligent courtship could bring to public condemnation, the vulgar jokes, the nurse could give my lips. And let your uncle taught you how to draw members in 4 years, it is better not to show it at 10, it’ll take you to the psychiatrist and say that you’re sick members, you have a deviation.

Sex is a huge part of popular culture, but when you don’t have to follow the canons, even if it is due to the young age, you start to worry that something is wrong.

Especially when you see in the shot actors and musicians, with women thrown into the Babi magnet (in the 90s it was everywhere). Became not on itself, because you said that sex served on a platter: just snap your fingers — Horny virgin here. Everything went differently. There is a feeling like you’re a piece of shit, destined to spend eternity in selfless Masturbation. If you’re deprived of female attention — so you’re not good enough. Although there was no interaction between you and those girls, their lack of somewhere near looked like a failure. Don’t stick yourself then you’re not the man. You’re not desired. Your dick is short, to everything else. And fuck meanwhile I want more and more.

Teens have it worse

And here you come to the infamous age when every emotion is a kind of detonator. Happiness is manic. Sadness is depression. Parents resent the fact that you so often retreat to the toilet, and you don’t need to go. And privacy are not rare: 3 times per day — this is not the limit, hormone rages, and to suppress it can only bare hands. Remember the funny crested (nothing to do with Ukraine) of a dove. Know why he is so cute cooing? Wants to fuck. You look much less ridiculous.

Meanwhile, all around the only heated the already hot atmosphere. Everybody is saying that loss of virginity is better not to delay, and even the folder noise for your orientation, pesters a clear reference, trying to look out for if you were right, and which side the orientation of the fence you prefer to be.In 15 years more forgivable to be a virgin, but in the 16th, 17th and it was able to laugh. However, your peers at this age are also concerned about idiots like you. They need to find a scapegoat, and virginity — what is not a reason for humiliation? When you’re young, many conversations revolve around the topic of sex, and if you haven’t kissed you lost a treasured PIP and was demoted. And let almost everyone lied. The main thing was to tell all the colors and as much detail as possible.

The growing pressure

Outside the circle this is not the end. There Comedy jokes? About small Dicks, virginity, short intercourse, and of course, about homosexuals. When you hear all this cheap bullshit almost every day of your life, then begin to feel some awe from the class. Not because it’s finally happened, and in principle about the sexual intercourse. If you were to scandalise, and snort ahead of time? Or disappoint with its size? Or simply proves that you’re not fucking? And in popular culture said that the girls will talk about your sexual failures of others, and as a result even before your mother comes the news that you quick.

In the end, despite the perfect long-awaited act on the heart still will not be happy, because you have not fulfilled the accepted sexual norm. And it seems like your intense 7 minutes is not so bad, and like no one complained, but after the harrowing porno actors and jokes on foaming and exhausted ladies in comedies it seems negligible. And compared to Ron Jeremy’s your 16 sm look weak.

So now you possessed a sickly anxiety, and worst of all, it has consequences. Using a number generated by their own suspiciousness complexes to communicate with the girls does not work, and because of nervousness appear problems with an erection. Already being wielded by a full-scale fear of sex. Are you afraid to be with women, afraid to do something wrong. I’m sorry to disappoint with their size and abilities, I’m afraid that your inexperience will seep out, and I fear that during sexual intercourse the girl would just up and leave.

Here’s how sex becomes a nightmare, and you roll on the side of active life and watch your happiness carried far without you.

The fear that will stay with you forever

Every second says that his knowledge of women happened almost 12 years, but in fact 60% of people lose their virginity after twenty. To 20 years they masturbated like a demon, several times a day, adhering to the throat member and the rope (just to masturbate not interesting) and making a substitute for vagina from packs of Pringles. If not for the pain and some irritation, they would have done it at least 20 times a day.

In the end, somewhere at the age of 21 years fall to them, but the concern is not always the case. Not everyone turns to lead a normal sexual life, and eventually the relationship becomes too painful. Here anything can happen: from deviancy, spurred by the habit to RUB one out more often than rabbits in mating season, and finishing ability to be violated. Masturbation is useful, but in moderation. No wonder you blamed for something you pee too often do. And do not penis is small on the background of bright psychological turmoil like sex, you have some problems with normal excitation. Besides, in this late age, the number of complexes directly before the act increases. Rarely confesses his innocence, so afraid that you will reveal. While others are afraid not to use it given the chance. And spend the rest of his days in the usual state when you have to masturbate the day and night.On the other hand, off the chain guys who are trying to make up for years of abstinence a regular sex becomes a little boring — I want something else. That is the standard way not to disturb them, you need something that is not very good. When you get an erection just at the sight of women wearing sombreros and painted with a beard, when all your bookmarks on porn sites left in the «trances» and «Golden rain» (because the rich experience of life in the porn proved that classics is boring), but in real life even anal has ceased to please — then we can safely say: you’re fucked. Just the likelihood that you start to like women like patronizing Freddie mercury, extremely high.

Here’s a strict causal relationship from the depths of childhood to the present. As you can see, nothing on earth passes without a trace: neither drugs nor strong Masturbation, which kinda strengthens the body. On the other hand, if the will power is all right but a trip to the psychologist does not scare, it can easily become a normal citizen. And don’t be scared you so — this rule is not for everyone, some get to live a normal life.

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