As sense of humor to «hook» the girl?


On what topics can joke with a girl and how they react to specific humor (laughs, sarcasm, black humor, etc.)?


My friend, we, of course, differ from women, but not so much that they are totally and completely talking in another language and laughed at other things. If it is good to joke, she will look at you with different eyes, because nothing removes misunderstandings as a good joke. Any bad date can vary right jokes, improvisation or successfully told a joke. The only problem is that the jokes must be appropriate. To be able to joke about sensitive issues — this is generally the case is very thin, but good if you don’t know that the normal girl can relate to one way or another joke, better not to joke about a submarine, the Kursk.

Understanding and freedom do not depend on the sex of the person who should be the addressee of your jokes. One girl can joke everything: jokes, angry jokes, sarcasm, irony, improvisation, frankly black humor, specific humor (which is understandable only to a certain group of people). On the other the innocent old joke will become a cause of scandal.

If your joke, despite the fact that she was thin and frankly good, no one laughed to this there are several completely logical reasons. Yes, girls are much more closed and devoid of lightness than men, but in recent times, there are many adventurous and open ladies who are fun to laugh at bawdy humor and just bad jokes. For some reason I remember the disgraced TV series «How I met your mother» where Ted joked that blue horn look like a penis smurf. Then the hero of the series from the future once told my kids that you should never joke with a girl, but Robin was a wonderful woman and appreciated the joke.

The best recipe for a successful joke is to understand people. You never know if a well will not know the person will laugh at a good joke or a response to your humor will be deathly silence. However, even the most successful gags may offend people you know for a long time. Someone else’s soul — a dark forest.

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