As people exploit the homeless

Homeless — it’s not kids with cancer and even HIV. Bums has always been a caste of untouchables in all modern developed societies. If you see a homeless person, the head is already Packed full biography — dependant who is a drunkard, did not want to work, addicted to drugs or sells his hole in the most abominable alleys of the city.

Homeless few it is a pity, because they look not like pandas and die quietly — dying in the gutters, and in the morning already everything clean. Nobody even noticed that the street has lost another person. Rarely see that people are seriously concerned about this problem, but every day you can observe a situation where even the most disadvantaged, poor and unfortunate people use for their own purposes, hiding behind the mask of humanity and humanism.

1. YouTube-degradation

The main characters YouTube not cat girls with a fifth the size of the breast and not even the beauty bloggers who earn money to those that paint the stigma of their new lipsticks and mascara. The main characters of the Russian Internet — is homeless. They are funny, amusing, crazy — they are gaining tens of thousands of views, become a cultural phenomenon, and then move from the hands of students across the country vdalblivaya in immature minds the idea that the homeless do not really have and people. Nothing good or bad — just reality, but somehow it is unfair that profit from the rollers never got the homeless. On the other hand, that in Russia to do in the evenings except watch the video with the homeless? You can still record with them greetings: give a tenner to a homeless man, and he is your fiancee sings the praises of, give you the fifty dollars — maybe even dance.

2. Homeless as part of the homework

If you are the proud recipient of the diploma of the advertiser, operator, artist, or any humanitarian with a creative slant, then you probably remember the moment when you were given an assignment to create a social project (video clip, advertising, whatever). It was necessary to take some problem of the city and how nice her voice so that people thought.» Usually in this case, the course is divided into two parts: the broken holes and bums. Well, there are problems in Russia, except for the holes in the roads and the homeless lying along it, right?

So wanted that homeless or not, but they all contributed to the development of higher education in Russia. Students secretly filmed them sleeping, puking or washed, removed their carts and makeshift homes, and points of distribution of products, where, as a rule, a Legion of homeless people and two legions cunning Jewish grandmothers who want to eat for free.

3. Social art


Humanitarian players are growing up, turning into a narrow path of art. They look around and see that they do not need to pump the skills of drawing or photography — to be successful they need only the homeless, many homeless people, more homeless people! If you visit exhibitions of contemporary art and is a regular at various art centers, it sure had to pay attention to the stories of the genius works of visual art — theme nomisma in Russia leaves no one indifferent. The artist or photographer interpreterpath it very simple — he has created these works to identify the problem. But when a closer look to this whole flocks of artists, you know: people went the easy way, and the homeless, as in previous cases, any benefits received.

4. The criminal network

If you think that the homeless don’t work, then you just don’t know all the specifics of their work. To be homeless is to work. They are standing with their signs, you reach out, depicting the crippled and trying to raise you on the booze, and because many of them need to implement the plan. Scum the mafia is not a myth but a reality, especially when talking about major cities. Most extensive criminal network that devours everyone who stands against her. Therefore, the homeless and try to stick together — white crow quickly go to feed and lose all possible money points on the map.

5. Sex slavery


Everything you know about porn, is only a small tip of a giant iceberg hidden under water. All the perversion you can imagine is just a children’s game that is available to the General public. For this reason, you rarely find pornography involving dirty, exhausted by the life of drug addicts, homeless people and other souls who were defeated in large cities.

Desperate people who have nothing to drink, eat and nowhere to sleep, — the best actors for movies 21+, which are transmitted via closed distribution channels, which whisper the real perverts, not those who want to try a girlfriend back. A movie can be dig out only by using «Thor» or out on a specific vendor. And buy it for big and small money. And kind of nice that homeless people have the opportunity to engage in sex relatively sterile conditions, but it’s bad that they do it often against their will.

6. Beating

Among football fans there is a tradition: before the match or after it organised a fight. Nothing in this cruel no, because all voluntary, and often the heads of the clubs to agree about the battle in advance. If you think that’s crazy, then we’ll tell you about another option — the organized beating of the homeless, which was a regular character. Hot heads going at the gathering to walk through the dark streets of the city and find a victim of a bum, which you can fearlessly beat, because he will not go to the police, not find protection, he had no documents.

Such carnage vary in two types:

1) freaks truly believe that in this way «clean» the city from the bench;

2) females spend their time in pleasure, because they like violence with no possibility of getting back.

Sometimes goes too far and in the morning the road service find a bloody body among the trash cans. Homeless and without this beat often because they are homeless. But organized violence is not uncommon.

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