As mentally prepared for the workout


How do you imagine the perfect man? Perhaps this is a neatly trimmed, well-dressed, smart man. The word «ideal» you can hardly imagine a person with excess weight, which stretches down the street and lazily chewing on a double cheeseburger. Am I wrong?

The bulk of the people nowadays lead a sedentary lifestyle, and one of the main aspects of masculinity — physical form — is given too little attention. When a person gradually grows older, it is easy to overlook the care of your own body. What would we do: school, work, family — we often ignore my body, than concentrate on it. Obesity and lack of activity are slowly killing men in the world. Even if you notice only a little shortness of breath when climbing stairs, it means that you lose the form, and from this many consequences. Poor physical fitness increases the risk of heart disease, reduces sexual function, contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure — and that’s not all consequences of poor physical fitness.

Look truth in the face: do you think you’re in shape? If not, if you’re not tired of it? The sky has not bothered to weigh ten kilos more than five years ago? coughing from the slightest speck of dust because smoke a pack a day? You didn’t get to stop after every flight of stairs to catch your breath when you go home? If you’re tired of being in bad shape, then it’s time to change. When your body is fit you feel better not only physically but also mentally.

Today we will not talk or advice of physicians, neither of the sets of exercises. We talk about the moral component of the training. Not to throw a workout in a week, read this column and start classes, mindful of three important factors of physical activity: motivation, humility and purpose.


Ask yourself why you started all this. For yourself? For your wife? For their children? Maybe for a friend who is overweight but has no momentum to start training? No matter how much you have reasons to be in shape, but they should be the main motivation for training.

When you begin a workout and even when this moment will pass six months in your life there will be moments when you will not want to do. Not. In these moments you it will be important to re-focus on what made you start classes. There are many scenarios on the topic «what will happen if I leave to train» — let’s not talk about them. Instead, let’s talk about how to motivate yourself to continue training.

Maybe you are tired to watch how the children play football in the yard and not be able to play along with them. Maybe you would like to give his wife in bed, not huffing and puffing. It can even be a simple desire do not hesitate to take your shirt off at the beach. Nobody talks about the perfect body, you need a simple confidence.

When you understand why you want to be in shape, find a way to remind ourselves of this. For example, take your old picture of you in good shape, and put it in a prominent place. At the slightest glance at her you’ll remember that you were once able to be in better shape than it is now. Unable to come up with some other method, but always get motivated.


You’re not seventeen. Understand? When people ask how to start to exercise, they lose a very important point: it is most difficult to not decide on the first and on the second workout, which many men just don’t have the guts. Many walk into the gym, think again they’re in high school, and laid out in full during the first workout. As a result, next morning they feel overwhelmed. Knee, back and neck ache — and it turns out to stand with great difficulty. Therefore, rather than working in the gym hard, think about how you will be the next morning and you will be able to train at this level constantly. Let don’t you think that a small load is ridiculous. Slow start serves as a pledge that you will do the next day. In addition, think about how cool you look during class, you will also help modesty. It seems that today, in need many men.


To set goals and achieve them is an important part of your plan to get back in good shape. If you have a strap you want to achieve, you will understand how well you cope with the task. For example, think about how much you want to weigh. Define for yourself a specific weight and try to lose as long as need be. You can set yourself small and big goals. For example, just run a kilometer without stopping to lose five kilos or even run at a time, five kilometers.

Goals are good because you can put up a new as soon as you reached the target. Determine what you need to, for example, to run the same five miles: to lose weight, quit Smoking, allow the muscle tone to work on this.

Beware to set ourselves too big goals: it is important to be achieved over a certain period of time. You might want to run a marathon, but to begin the journey to this and in order to be able to overcome several kilometers without stops so it will be much better. The main thing to remember: no matter how bad you appreciate his physical form now, to regain a good physical condition possible. You spent years going to this condition. So eventually you can return to the starting point, and it will happen faster than you lost form.

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