As humanly ask for (and get a raise?


One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your income is to ask for a raise. This will be our conversation. Many exciting and embarrassing to talk about it. Here are some ways on how to build a conversation about improving.

1. Just ask

Ask about the increase is the same as to ask the girls . You will not be able to achieve anything, if you don’t ask questions. I’m constantly surprised that so many of my friends and relatives openly afraid of something to ask because I don’t want to sound ungrateful, fear or discomfort in the event of a failure.

It seems that people just don’t understand what you give your time and efforts of the company, as its employees. If you work in the company from six months to a year, and your salary does not change, then to help you with that 75% can only questions about improving (of course, if you do a good job). Learn these magic words: «I would like to talk to you about the salary.»

2. No ultimatums

The biggest mistake that people do when they raise the issue of salary increase is posing ultimatums to the head. At work there is always a competition, but it is wrong to put an ultimatum. Better ask for a raise, since the request will protect you from unpleasant consequences of your requirements. Most bosses managers, having heard the demand to raise salary in the form of an ultimatum, decide that you are just bluffing.

Of course, if you’re not very good at my job or the company loses money, you don’t get a chance to ask for a raise, in any form: neither an ultimatum nor a non-ultimatum. If you’re not confident and think that, perhaps, before asking for a raise, read this article till the end: maybe you’re ready to ask for a salary increase.

3. Determine the cost of your job: find out how many paid people in your industry for similar work

This is always good. So you can figure out what the salary is really appropriate for your office. Staffing and recruiting agencies, advertisements on Internet sites of work will help you make a decision what you can do well. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, was regularly looking through ads about hiring not only in your specialty but also in other activities. Find a job that suits their talents and skills, and went to the employer your resume.

Find out from them the possible ranges proposed salary. If you are not interested in the company because the pay level is low, or you are satisfied with the current work, behave politely and sincerely, not to be rude. Tell the person who conducts the interview, your current position are you satisfied with, and don’t forget to thank you for consideration of your candidacy. Be sure to tell me that hope that took not too much time.

Remember that you owe nothing to your employer only because he made a deal with him. You sell your time and skills in exchange for a salary. Therefore, regular monitoring of the level of salaries in your industry — it is ethical activity. This is a very good lesson because, going in for another interview, you can win much more than lose.

4. Make sure people are aware of your competence and value your work

All were faced with the arrogant and obnoxious «badass» type at work, which certainly need to show self-importance in public. All refer to such antics with indignation. Educated person clearly knows the subtle difference between confidence and cocky. The skill to adhere to this face, not to break the balls is the key to success is to make people understand how you are a valuable employee. Remember the words of Teddy Roosevelt: «Speak softly and carry a big stick, then you’ll go far.» Instead of a daily expression of exuberant joy in each small success at work, persistently and consistently work on what will make you successful, and do it well.

When colleagues can’t cope with the work, help them as much as they need it. If you don’t work in a hot superconcurrent of the company. In this case you will be given a new assignment.

When you have a reputation for being knowledgeable and ready to help the employee, it allows to increase their own importance in the eyes of others. The result is increased productivity and you look like a man with solid moral principles. If your boss or curator do not notice such leadership, it’s time to change jobs.

5. Raise your own importance and value

If you are still worried about their own importance to their positions, get additional knowledge in your free time. Do not have to master a course of any discipline, you can stay on a detailed examination duties and get an idea about any subject. If your employer offers to improve qualification or undergo any courses, never mind. Do everything you can to increase your value and significance at work.

As soon as you feel the confidence that has established its own significance and has become an indispensable guy, it’s time to think about a reward for such hard work. Tell the warden about their success in the workplace, but exposes himself with the accuser or debater. Show your successful projects and the people you helped in their implementation. Make sure the head is aware of all your skills and abilities, acquired during the work on your job. If you found that the level of your wages for your work lower than other companies in your industry, tell the boss. The slopes are on your side – and you’re guaranteed to earn more.

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