As freedom of choice has made the world sad and miserable

manygoodtips.com_18.10.2016_xesCSvUCMFjGvWho said that freedom gives a person happiness? No, we are not dictators who believe that a person is good, when others are around is bad, we simply believe that freedom of choice is not as stunningly good as many people think. We are not against freedom itself, we are against its excess. Clever mechanism of the era of capitalism is to give as much freedom as the eye can see. It turns out that its excess makes a man a slave.

Our society is very long lived in conditions of having to choose from two varieties of shit, and now that thousands of varieties, nothing has changed, only the shelves have become more variegated from a variety of. Actually this is a very tricky thing.

The variety is confusing and prevents touching good

We do not claim that the availability of choice and freedom is very bad for us. But when a lot of options, in the depths of consciousness awakens procrastination.

Imagine if Apple produced 100 different models of phones a year. Sales will fall because people have too many options, not 3-4 models, as it is now. And the problem would be not the quality of the iPhones, but the fact that the procedure of model selection would be too troublesome. Remember Nokia and Samsung in those blessed days when the shelves are adorned with 10 pieces different from each other’s models alone, these mobile giants. Then had to break down before choosing a model.

The more diversity, the more difficult the choice. This range is very easy to get confused, moreover, this expanse makes me some doubts, what’s the catch, not because there are so many that they are defective, etc. as a result, the consumer, if he is not fascinated by the advertisement and does not know what exactly you need, switch attention to where the range is smaller but much easier to understand.Picture this: you have five oranges, and you will be forced to see, fiddle with and bite all at once, to understand which one is the best. This is the only way to identify the best, and it happens in all fields. But the problem is not that all experience is impossible, although if you have a large selection dramatically increases the likelihood that you will choose not the best option, unless you’re a professional that knows all about oranges, and capable of color cover to determine the grade and maturity, here the problem is different.

If you choose the same oranges from the counter, then for each bitten the seller personally knock your teeth out with a big stick. And in life: often we have no time to conduct a thorough analysis among a large income. You have to choose in a hurry, and often this choice is absolutely wrong. You are content with little, like the proverbial oranges turn sour. You sit, choke them, convince themselves that it was not good, although next to them was a pair of ripe and sweet fruit. Because a wide variety deprives us of the opportunity to see the beauty. Note: when you come to the store and see a wide assortment of cheap rubbish, you begin to choose among her, not paying attention to more quality products. Alas, it is just confusing.

«Better» or high expectations

manygoodtips.com_18.10.2016_tHT8lAyOoz3XzThe more choice, the higher the expectations. The higher the expectations, the harder it is to make a choice. But even if you were able to understand and make a choice, then you start to look and scroll in the head of other alternatives: what, if, but in other, probably better. This is what is confusing: buying an expensive car, you know, what could be more spectacular and high-quality horse for less money, or Vice versa, what is needed is not a redneck, and take the more expensive model, because the avaricious pays twice — still then have to spend on repairs.

Generally, to get rid of such crap, you need to get rid of the choice in the details, to leave only the really important things. And to worry about how much you spent on food and show-off — is at least not serious. Have you ever noticed that your respectable idols always smoke the same cigarettes and cigars, prefer the same brand of clothing and their decisions are guided by a single criterion (most often a personal benefit)? All because this is the position of normal adult and sober-minded people. Such people do not change their habits and preferences and no fuss, like vultures, making something.

No need to behave like a housewife who after purchase runs with a check in hand, you better just relax. Save yourself from worries, once you’ve chosen a profession — go and work and not sveryay their income with others, it’s distracting. Chose a girl, started with her to live — so live, love, just do not compare with others, you will definitely find the flaw, and not realizing that he is insignificant. But most likely you’ll ruin your relationship with each other.

Fish in the aquarium

We are like fish in the aquarium. Aquarium size dictates the degree of freedom, and some of us see it as a social or personal limitations. To grow, we need a big aquarium. Unfortunately, most people trying to just smash the aquarium, but as you know, a fish out of the aquarium — only a dead fish.

With the advancement of technology has opened to us unlimited choice. And we somehow think that we can obtain limitless freedom and thereby become much happier.

But unlimited freedom is not a good thing as it might seem at first glance. Yes, we do need freedom to expand and grow, but without limitation, we just lose our direction and guidance and eventually become delirious from whence none return.

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