As fatherhood will make you a real man

manygoodtips.com_18.06.2014_QOBm2iLkUrCWGNot to say that everything in this world will someday become parents and heads of families. This is not so. History has preserved the names of many people who abandoned the family and the birth of offspring because they saw the meaning of his life in something else. Do not think that there is something bad: everyone chooses something different, and to go into a stranger monastery — a bad thing.

Education, namely education, not feeding and clothing the child, is not easy. There are many objective reasons not to have children, which is absolutely real. On the other hand, fatherhood, if you do it right, can make you a real man and the best man. In that case, if you’re going to do the right thing and not to beat their own offspring, believing that education is the inheritance of women. I want to continue myself? Educate.

1. Have become a man in the traditional sense

Some typical girls are waiting for men that he will be able to some things. If you think this list is complete nonsense, a baby will make you ashamed of the inability to fix something a lot stronger than surprise ladies for this reason.

If it is a boy it will have something to teach, he grew up to be a real man and blah blah. If it’s a girl, she will need to give an example of a real man, such a «dad». However, the girl did not prevent to learn to repair toilet tank or use a drill — it will become a good handy girl.

Together with the typical male responsibilities you have to «keep face», learn how to manage finances and try to become an adult quickly. Adults have to educate the new people, why produce another generation of eternal children in the worst sense of the word? Making babies makes sense only Mature and responsible person. On the one hand, fatherhood’ll help you get rid of all my immaturity operational methods, but on the other hand, the birth of a child, followed by a complete plugging it so I’m sealing your immaturity that you’ll die a boy in the body of a man.

2. Become an advocate

Basically, a child hanging on you like dead weight and adds more problems than joy. So all seems in the beginning, but often continues after. As Fromm wrote in his essay «the Art of love», a father’s love a child needs to be earned. We think it is also glimpsed in the maternal relationship to the child, but to argue with the authority of the old Erich Fromm we are not solved. If you see a stranger who can’t endure the morning exercises and learn the fable «the Pig under an oak», pride for your son or daughter becomes extremely difficult to maintain. But even in this case, you must be a reliable protector of your son or daughter in the future, they had a clear image of the father, which is so lacking in many people.

In fact, a negative impact on the psyche of the child is not affected by the absence of the Pope as a result of divorce, and the absence of fathers in a child’s life at all. It seems to be the parents not been divorced, have lived together a great number of years, but relative in the life of a son or daughter absolutely does not manifest itself. Of course, not even a psychoanalyst will find he has thousands and thousands of complexes and fears.

Just note that to bring money into the house and then watch TV is not to participate in the life of a child.

3. Endure all and not lose attraction to his wife

The heart wants what it wants. Very unpleasant to realize that your mistress after 9 months of carrying kinder looks, frankly, not in the best shape. It’s one thing if she scored, another thing, if her figure spoiled, and her vagina no longer delivers as much fun as before. Here the first syndrome of the crisis in relations. You can Express yourself, like a child turning away from tainted toys in search of a new one, but an adult understands that it is necessary to save the marriage. But this time the wife is much more interested in the child than the need to regain its former appeal. And all this should worry you, although there… you have to go through this together.

The preservation of respect for women, the motivation to begin to live as before with a few changes — the case for a normal man. Throw much easier than to save, because the save — the lot of strong personalities.

4. Pride in the continuity of generations

It’s kind of the Olympic relay. Now the torch with the fire from you, and you have to run to the next target and give it to the next torchbearer.

Not to say that the only pride in the life of man is to procreate. If so, it is a chance for you to rethink your life priorities. Also remember that you have to wait for the son to light — not to continue the race. There are still quite a lot of work. And there is no difference, to be honest, it’s a girl or a boy: you must participate in your kid’s life and upbringing. In the end, the girls fathers teach elementary physical training, devoting to football and instill a love for cars and weapons come out very nice brats, devoid of typical women’s problems, but able to look after themselves and to be attractive.

5. «Daddy can»

Most masculine aspect misconceptions about fatherhood — it’s nothing to do in the life of a child, except to occasionally slap a child on the head and ask which class she is studying.

The problem is that the participation of men in a child’s life in the modern world has changed a bit. Women now almost all the work, there were machines to automate work, and so everything became much easier. If she works too, your duties should be divided, and there is nothing that can diminish your masculinity. But if the woman does not work, all the responsibility on her shoulders.

If you’re occasionally going to prepare the child to collect him to school, do homework and be creative, it will make you a better person. Those who have never had a hobby, by the way, so find it. The child will cease to be a burden, and you will take pleasure in the fact that can buy LEGO «death Star» and to collect it with someone together. As stated in a very good series: «to Raise a child is the same as having a dog who grows up and learns to talk!». No offense, fathers and mothers — just a good quote.

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