As before lived well

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2015_CrWkAINdAi84FWhat is love film series «Back to the future»? Because they clearly showed that the best era is one in which you live. For not adapted to the modern realities of whiners who are constantly complaining of being born in the wrong era, this stunning text.


Was hygiene in the old days? Was not! Rather, what they did with his body, can not be called anything. If from his mouth smelled of pus and decomposed by hare, it’s nothing, a normal smell, you can say, flavor. The stench in each was its own color, its bouquet, which does not bother anyone, because everyone smelled. Nudity is generally considered a sin and Vice, and particularly in the clothing is not washed. And the cold can get cold.

Women’s cosmetics consisted of arsenic and mercury. In the homes of the wealthy of Venice was even a special terrace where a rich Donna, impregnated with dangerous compounds hair expected the transformation from an ordinary Italian middle-aged ladies in beauty.

Unsanitary conditions were all around, and the easiest way to get rid of waste was to throw it out the window. Walking down the street, enjoying the cries of patients with syphilis vagrants, and your head falls fecal surprise. In fact, so popular were hats.

In Russia everything was much better. As was said of French travellers: «Russian man under my shirt clean.» Why? Because in Russia were the baths.

So complaining that your crest are not amenable to packing, remember one simple thing: previously, the best styling product was tar and oily hair with dirt. Rejoice that you do not have to sprinkle ashes on his head, all lice were suffocated.


You must have heard such a sad fact that in times not so distant did not have such physical diversity. Our grandparents had a child one coat and one pair of shoes, and the children were running barefoot really is not because it is healthier, but because sandals should be protected for special events, and money for other was not. In the villages did not know about such a beauty as bed linen. Well, about the middle ages and say nothing.


In ancient times, oddly enough, there were no computers. Why be addicted to gaming and watching video was very problematic. And if you said you saw people moving in an iron box, you would be instantly burned.

Whether it is a fist fight! The most popular pastime that occurs on every second religious holiday. The clergy and the authorities understood: let the redneck raging, than to raise a rebellion.

Well, the highlight of the year was the death penalty. People stocked up on popcorn, dressed more colorful for a moment: when the axe falls on the neck of the criminal. All for one moment. It’s like watching the diving competition in the water. Mass execution was similar to the Metallica concert or festival Rock am Ring – that is, trash, waste and sodomy in the bones. Famous French detectives in San Antonio remembered the excitement around the penalty by the guillotine. Those who do not have enough space in the square, climbed on roofs and fences. But most of all he was inspired by a pervert who climbed a tree and Masturbates on a severed head.

Of course, there were mass celebrations with bagels, but without the massacre was not. Cruel age begets violent entertainment.


Maybe the quality of education was better, maybe his value was higher, but in the good old days you wouldn’t be so easy to write a report in 5 minutes by downloading the necessary with the vast expanses of the Internet. Then he had to write in the truest sense of the word, to spend hours to velosity you need the book folios.

And indeed the education system with flogging and corporal punishment from loving teachers are unlikely to enjoy accustomed to the comfort generation.

We are fortunate to live in an era of high technology, which not only help to get a decent education, but also give access to the information accumulated over the centuries, right from the comfort of home. Still better than under the candle light to read dusty old books line.


Out in the wide field, pulled up his pants, harnessed the nag and go on long, monotonous, hard to plow a field. And no agricultural wondermachine. And this applies not only to manual and physical labor, machine makes it easier. Mind you, computers were not there before. Moreover, only some 50-60 years ago, even a calculator was something mysterious and unknown. Wooden abacus – a thing certainly good, but not as convenient. And to write by hand, not the most pleasant experience after becoming acquainted with the computer.

And for fans of the USSR. We immensely respect the Soviet times, but such a thing as freelance, equated to speculation and parasitism – pretty serious charges. But factories worked…

Well, the most important throughout our bloody history has been and remains military. Only here before you, a simple rural boy would be sent to shed blood for the Motherland and the priest of the King, you know, for 25 years. Given the life expectancy and grueling military service, so happy you would hardly call.


A modern, liberal, tried liberalism, permissiveness and democracy man is unlikely to have survived in the brutal «Mesozoic» socialnet. After all, and for the «market» must be answered, no matter how absurd or was the subject of the dispute.

And with the inherent comfort and carelessness have nothing to do even in a century ago.

In addition, love marriage in ancient times among all strata of the population was more caring parents than bonds of love. All, as the old song about the kings, who could not marry for love. But among the peasants and other strata of society was a common thing to negotiate the marriage of their children. «A good daughter of the Miller, you need to send matchmakers, because Miller is not a poor man, so much to do with it bells and whistles!» – the usual cold and calculating father, who uses his many children, not only as labour but also as an investment in the future. So rejoice that you can see girls, not taking them away. And if found out you ogwal decent girl, sent directly to life of labor work, entitled marriage.


Most people with refined musical taste, or just interested in culture of the 60s, want to be born somewhere in the late 40’s, early 50’s, white middle-class families to know the truth through LSD, to visit Woodstock to see the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and maybe to collect his supergroup.

But the reality is that the age of «your desires» is perfect for a conscript of the Vietnam war. Conscription in the United States, was canceled immediately. And the probability to return home with a stump is the part of the body is quite high.

Well, drugs do not lead to good, because you know, as in all times, are expensive, those that are worse – less. Judging by your plans, you’d be a regular storchaka neohippies Bilanom that works at the gas station. Not the Big Lebowski, and it’s gray, charisma, the average citizen of the country, which miraculously crushed the crowd at «Woodstock». Because education has always been costly, and judging by your plans, to learn you didn’t.

And if there is no difference, why be born early? There was no Internet.

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