As a society, substitute your desires with their

Imagine the perfect man. He’s smart, well-read, strong and kind. He cares about everyone he has sex for five hours in a row and looks like Apollo. He thinks is correct and right thoughts — he voted for the right party. What do you think, will be happy such a man?

We have serious doubts about this and, frankly, such a person we see dangling from the chandelier in 27 years. He did everything very correctly and very «right», and that’s what the «how to»? Why do you have to be «the best»? Who defines this «better»? We do recommend you many useful things, but even ready to subscribe to one important amendment: if your heart is not in something that we offer, then just don’t do it.

We do not claim objective truth, in contrast to the social construction that wants to replace you. Society wants to force you to do things you maybe never wanted. How does it happen? The best method is to select the most popular desires that dictates us the society. It is possible that now you’ll understand that they never were yours.

You should regularly have sex

manygoodtips.com_21.11.2016_R6zZixBITGzLgLet’s start with the strong statement, which is based on «truth,» like all men only want sex. In fact, if you take our path and evolution we turn to ancient ancestors, we understand that the male person really wants to impregnate as many females man. It is a natural desire, are dictated by nature. We tried to replace it with religion in the middle ages, or ideology in the «red years». But sex to hold — came another revolution of consciousness, and that we have become a generation that possesses the ability to look at a few representatives of the human race at any moment. The Internet portal to the den of lust and debauchery. Not going to pretend to be innocent virgins, because you have educated yourself on the topic of sex and we will do the next thousand years.

But we have, fortunately, the mind is in the head. And we see that regular sex often becomes an obsession for people who do not feel such need. But this idea of pressure, because everyone says that sex is cool, «wow» and we should do it more often. And though you might not want to! Maybe you never want to wander all night. Maybe you want to find a decent girl not just interested to fuck, but interesting to talk to. Yeah, you’re not like everyone else, but to adapt others do not.

You need a girl here and now

Just moved to girls, it will be a conversation about girls. Because you need it to, or how you parents will? The third year of living alone, and all without a friend at hand. And if you are starting to agree: all your friends are long married or at least got himself a beautiful and ugly women, and you’re all alone. To my throat starts to get hurt when you’re the umpteenth time point out your position. But imagine one important thing. Imagine that you don’t need anybody. These people are we met. They don’t want a serious relationship, don’t want to share life and do not want problems.

Friend too well, and knows that a small layer of people who have experienced all the delights of life together with «the wrong girl». Here we’re often talking about how to find a girlfriend and how to understand the relationship, and you, for a change, ask yourself: «do I Need to do mine?».

You must travel

Travel is great, cool and good. This is a great opportunity to see the world, gain experience and even to grow up. If you will travel the length and breadth of China, then return home a different person. In this we are convinced, but convinced you? Why listen to us, if you’re comfortable sitting in a cozy room cozy home cozy town? It is possible that the street you get not so desirable. There is no reason to force yourself to travel, even if everyone says how good it is. Confucius, the old fool, is generally believed that you can know the whole world without leaving home — the main thing to think correctly. In a sense it is, of course, right.

You have to read books and play sports

manygoodtips.com_21.11.2016_USOJryeUXEpf4A sore topic for us, because half of the edition is obsessed with the books, and the other half on the sport. And the whole world is divided. We realize that both cases are important, but there is a large proportion of the myth that permeated both leisure.

First, reading and playing sports doesn’t make you a better person. Secondly, you don’t have to read or play sports. That is one thing trains the brain and develops personal qualities, while the other takes care of your mortal body. But some people are impossible to instill a love of reading and sports, but you can instill a love of games. And here these poor people and get a slap in the face, because if you play games then you’re a godless nerd, and if you read, the intellectual, of course.

If this were so, then life would be too simple. All I knew what to do to get better. But life is complicated. And it would be a pity if you spend your time on something that you basically don’t like. Why read Tolstoy, if you don’t like him? But why throw your game console if it’s not like the other? Do what you want, and let it be what it will be — that Golden rule.

You need to have a high-paying job

A lot of money, a good job and a great career opportunity! Already mouth is watering, or all of these words evoked no response in your heart? Our society is without a doubt focused on capitalism. And in a spiritual sense, we are also capitalists. Traded souls, ideas and thoughts. We were led to believe that success is a determinant of the worth of the individual. We ourselves preach success, as we believe that if you succeeded, then you have plenty of opportunities to change your life, there is a great variety of ways.

But frankly, life is not made up of career UPS and downs. Life is what you choose yourself. We are very respectful of the writer HP Lovecraft or of the poet Arthur Rimbaud, who died poor and sick they died not successful. Look at TV and you will see many successful people. I respect them? We don’t. So think now about what is important and what is not. And if you want to live according to conscience, not business books, forget about what the job «should be». You have to like her, that’s all.

You have to have family and children

Finally came to the family, because she should own every person who considers himself Mature and implemented. The man is supposed to transfer your gene pool for future generations with their savings in the area of spiritual and financial life. But what the hell? Who said you need a family? Wait, we know the answer!

Told you this family people, who have nothing to lose, and they begin to design their «norm» in all other like zombies that bite people and turn them into zombies. It all works very well, because today we are seeing a massive overpopulation of the planet does not stand up. Let me tell you the good news: you don’t need a family if you don’t want. Human mission to settling the planet, you can relax.

So don’t listen to others, even us — listen to yourself.

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