As a skinny dude to gain weight 8 simple steps

how to gain weightIf your figure is like mine, you probably have often wondered how it is possible to gain a little mass. You can eat what you want and how much, but it never adds anything, and you remain hopeless drischom. Does this sound familiar? If so, good news: we’ll win today. At least start working in that direction.

1. Maybe you’re not eating enough

The problem lies in that too. It seems too obvious, but the fact remains, you eat too little, perhaps even less of the daily value. I thought that my rate is 2000 kcal. It’s a lot. The stomach stretches over time and gets used to store more. But if you just chew the scrambled eggs in the morning, at lunch, salad and goulash in the evening, it’s clear why you’re so thin. More, more, moar, MOAR!!!

Vzveshivat every day. The number on the scale remains ex a month ago, even though training? This is a problem. If you’re thin, you shouldn’t be afraid of overeating, leave it fat. Increase food intake until the weight starts to grow. Without fear.

2. Too much time in the gym

It’s not fucking Tour de France. You’re thin, and and hours hanging out at the gym — of course you will remain skinny. Your calories are too precious to spend them.

Don’t do in the gym longer than 45 minutes. Set the alarm to get out on time. So you have even only 15 precious minutes to do cool-down exercises, contemplating pitoresc in yoga pants.

3. Fast food

So, it’s not as decent as the previous two points, but that’s life, man. Big Mac is 850 kcal. Sing will not be superfluous.

Remember, happiness can’t buy money, but they can even buy a few big Macs and a shake to boot, and this is almost the same.

4. More sleep

I often talk about sleep, and it’s not just. Sleep sufficient amount of time is just as important for success in fitness, as the ability to do the dribbling for NBA.

What is important? Your muscles grow while you sleep. And yet there is a development hormones and tissue repair — you should only put your head on the pillow. It is not necessary to neglect these gifts of nature. Go to sleep, dude.

5. Focus on the big four

Bench, press, deadlift, squats. Here are four things that you have to go to the gym. That should be your Lord’s prayer. These exercises build muscle mass as Satan himself. Shake the muscles and they will grow. And with the cardio you can and lighten up.

6. About 1.6—1.8 g of protein per kilogram of body

You must know what the outrage revolves around the right amount of protein per day. We even text on this subject is, highly recommend. I would recommend you stick to this amount of protein. Especially when you take into account your weight.

7. Fat = testosterone = muscle

Fat is needed for testosterone production, which in turn plays a role in the formation muscle mass. Saturated fats from meat and dairy products is a great idea if you’re really skinny. Eat more almonds, eggs and meat with fat to correct the situation.

8. It takes time, friend

Probably to get better for a month of ten pounds will be difficult for you. And even seven. Muscle building is a slow and methodical process.

Enjoy this process, it will necessarily lead to results, don’t despair. In a world focused on immediate results, learn to relax. You will appreciate the transformation of your body only if you thoroughly work on it. Received a gift, usually, not appreciated.

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