As a man to survive unemployment


Unemployment is a complicated thing, especially for men. Studies have shown that unemployed men are more prone to depression and substance abuse than the unemployed women. In addition, men who have no work, often badly treat their wives and girlfriends. There are two reasons. First, the man largely defines himself through work. Think about it. What question do you ask the dudes first after Dating? Most likely, «What are you doing?» When a person loses a job, it becomes harder to identify yourself. Second, men, particularly married, consider themselves to be breadwinners. Despite attempts by feminists to change this view, most men still consider themselves miners, are responsible for the welfare of his family. When a person can no longer provide for his family, it depresses him.

You may be faced with unemployment at any time. To overcome the feeling of uselessness, here’s a few tips on this case.

1. Do not think that now you’re homeless. We’ve learned that to be unemployed means to go down to the bottom. Of course, you’ll be in a depression. You can spend days walking around the apartment in shorts and play GTA day and night — for a while it will distract you. But you don’t solve the problem of unemployment. While you play GTA, good work sails past your hands. In addition, if you start to sit all day at home, then plunged into depression even more deeply, and you will have less and less motivation to get a job.

2. Meditate on his career. Job search — a great time to reflect on his career. If you were fired because in the industry there is a crisis, do something else. Maybe you didn’t like your last job, and doing it somehow? Then it’s time to find a place for the soul!

3. Update your résumé. Because you worked all this time, it’s probably obsolete. Now there is a great reason to write about yourself a few lines.

4. Use the social network. You won’t believe, but people love to help others. Especially those whom they know and who they like. Let me cry in social networks: Vkontakte hang post what you’re looking for a new job, and ask everyone to repost. Send emails to all the people from your contact list, and explain the situation. Attach to it your resume and requests for work.

5. Read. Since you temporarily don’t work, you have a lot of free time. Instead of sitting on the couch with a bottle of beer in hand and feeling sorry for yourself, spend the time usefully. Read something related to their field of activity. Don’t forget to include in this list books which will broaden your horizons.

6. Think about freelancing. If you don’t work, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make ends meet. Of course, you have some kind of stabilization Fund (right?), who needs to cover your expenses during unemployment, but it is always nice to have a fresh penny in the house. Analyze what you can do and think, can you still make do with freelancing.

7. Be a volunteer. Nothing will make you realize that things are not so bad, better than helping those who need you the most. Volunteering makes you feel needed and prevent the depression that may occur because of unemployment. In addition, you will meet new people. Perhaps this is another chance to find a new job.

8. Plan your dead your budget. If you know that unemployment is a temporary phenomenon, it is a good idea to take inventory of their funds. Make a list: how much money you have, investments, money, maps, etc.

9. Go out on the street. You can dance all update sites work and wait until your phone finally rings. But if not, time to put on shoes and leave the house to personally meet with possible employers. Don’t be shy, go to offices and try to meet with the leadership. Summary often lost in the black hole of HR and the head doesn’t even know that he had sent a summary.

Even if you don’t find work in this way, it will still make you take a shower, shave, neatly dressed and leave the house. All of these things are guaranteed to improve your mood. Any activity, even fruitless, to help you feel better at the end of the day when you come home and change my shoes to Slippers.

10. Work on the bugs. It may happen that you go to the interview, but no one ever calls you. During the interview you will need to present themselves in a favorable light. If you don’t call next time, call the employer and ask him why you came. Ask him to be honest with you. Of course, he sweetens the deal, but you can read between the lines, what he wanted to say. This is not an easy undertaking, but it’s worth it.

11. Do it now, dammit! Let this phrase be your motto at a time until you find work. Don’t wait for the right moment to do something, the circumstances will never add up perfectly. Take steps, even a Lilliputian, everyday, try to find a job.

If you have ideas on how to survive unemployment, share them with dudes in the comments.

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