Artists protest: Russian actionism. Part I

To make coitus with a dirty Gypsy in front of people or to chain themselves with all the sharp from the shop «everything for the garden», draw the reproductive organ in the middle of a big city or to have a dance in the temples – all this ruthless Russian actionism. You can call it art, a moot point. My comrades – artist of the operetta, and Professor of violin at the Conservatory – once scolded me for embarrassing equating of actionism art.

But another friend-a filmmaker with a cracked foam at a mouth argued that it was the best of the arts as the expression of the artist cannot be estimated framework of narrow-minded mass. Simply put, «you don’t understand, it’s art.» But what? Current social and political? Or expression it is impossible to fit into this framework? But the actionist do not hide the fact that it is a protest.

Just a recent event legendary artist Pavlensky can not be called otherwise than «heroic madness»? What it is: a politically motivated artistic gesture or outing «urban guerrilla» – this will argue. Is the game worth the candle – this question will answer itself Pavlensky, otvetivshim a resounding slap, perhaps, the most powerful organizations in the country. To understand the artist’s difficult, and his words immediately after the arrest: «I think this act should be considered as a gesture in the face of terrorism. I struggle with terror,» can be interpreted as anything. So instead of parsing the acts I suggest you to plunge into a crazy, full of stupidity, strangeness, and naked bodies history of actionism of the Russian land.

Pavlensky what it is

Russia-tenths is «War», Pussy Riot and Pavlensky. The fourth name is not on the list, but three is a lot. Three times more than one, and in an infinite number of times – than zero.

– Oleg Kashin –If the group «War» and «pusek» we remember a kind word the next time that Pavlensky is a sin not to remember now. An outstanding personality, do not tell. People, whose eggs are literally steel. The most famous «artist» of Russia to the arson of the doors of the FSB is famous for stock:

«Seam» – 23 Jul 2012 artist with a coarse thread sewn mouth over one and a half hours standing in the picket at the Kazan Cathedral holding a banner reading: «Action of Pussy Riot has been famous action replay of Jesus Christ.» To the question: «Sasha, what the hell!?» – he replied:

Sewing up his mouth on the background of the Kazan Cathedral, I wanted to show the situation of the modern artist in Russia: a ban on publicity. I am sickened by intimidation of society, mass paranoia, which manifestations I see everywhere.

Then there was the «Carcass». Weird public protest against the suppression of civil activity, intimidation of the population, a growing number of political prisoners, the laws on NGOs, law 18+, censorial laws, activity of Roskomnadzor, the law on the promotion of homosexuality. Pavlensky, and with it, millions novamov hoarse ready to prove that the laws against crime, and against the people. As a result, the background of the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly, he was wrapped in a multilayered cocoon of barbed wire. The poor police had to cut her hedge clippers to get silent and immobilized Pavlensky. Quick mind will notice the allegory of the barbed wire, the artist has hit the prickly clutches of the authorities.

And then there was the legendary «Fixing». Silent artist on a cold November cobblestones nailed scrotum to the age-old stones. In a statement, the hero of the occasion wrote: «a Naked artist, looking at his nailed to the Kremlin pavement egg, is a metaphor of apathy, political indifference and fatalism of modern Russian society».

Sitting naked on the fence of the Institute of psychiatry. Serbian in Moscow and cutting off earlobe to protest the use of psychiatry for political purposes seems to have a secondary, after van Gogh.

The questions arise: another way to show their protest, and how he’s not dead, it’s cold and he’s always naked. But if the second can be attributed to the courage, the first only by the vision of the artist and the disorder of mind.

Most interesting is that the artist action art for art do not include:

I do not believe that the action has a direct relationship to contemporary art. Contemporary art opposes itself to the traditional art classic. The action may not be classic or modern. Diogenes masturbated in the area — Brener, too, masturbated. If you believe Christian mythology, Jesus was nailed to the cross here and Mavromatti nailed himself to the cross. These gestures are timeless… any art is, in principle, politically, because the artist is aware of the mode in which he lives and what he should do or not do. And action that is political art means that a person consciously begins to work with power tools. And the purpose of art is the practice of liberation, the struggle for the embodiment of free thought.Of course, the word «hero» in the context of perfect seems too loud even for the radical opposition. It’s just a phenomenon. Quite specific and bold. But if Pavlensky not asked to change the article of the charge from vandalism to terrorism, his actions would make sense and posturing enough in ordinary life.

Those and «E. T.»

I think it is very good that there is a form of modern art as action art. And the good that it causes rejection among broad sectors of the population, because generally the task of the avant-garde and contemporary art is to not be transparent. In this world of total velocity, absolute transparency and endless chatter must be some sort of «hardcore», stud. Here contemporary art is the core, and he’s not to everyone’s teeth. And so it should be. Further it is necessary to further raise the degree.

– Anatoly Osmolovsky –

Before any of Pussy Riot, the NBP and other delights of the Russian protest in the late ‘ 80s there was a very bright group with a characteristic called «V. E. T.». According to Osmolovsky, the movement was conceived, rather, as a model of youth subculture. The name was chosen from everyday language, although it was glossed as «Expropriation of Art Territories». It was famous for its heroes. Osmolovsky is still considered one of the greatest Russian artists and the leader of the Moscow Actionism. Among other things, he starred in the role of captain, who fell the victim of violence Vladimir Epifantsev, fertilized the mouth of Sergey Pakhomov, and read an unforgettable lecture about pearl Harbor with elements of dance «Apple» in the «Green elephant». Mavromatti, was the producer of this film, and scored its own shares.

Dmitry Pimenov, who tried to visit the mausoleum in knightly armor, and instead called for the loony bin.

The largest rally took place in the remote and turning 1991. The bodies of the participants on the «sacred pavement of the red Square was laid out that same word of three letters with the letter x, which does not «fuck» and «hoy». 14 bodies were rumors that bar over the letter «d» was itself Shenderovich, but Osmolovsky rejected it.

It would seem, well what is this, instagram, students meet worse. But the fact that it was still the Soviet Union, and most blasphemous to any true to the precepts of Lenin, the event was held on the eve of Lenin’s birthday and was interpreted as an affront to his memory.

Although technically the event was timed for released just before the law of morality, where, in particular, it is forbidden to swear in public.

Osmolovsky States that the idea of action (apart from the obvious content of the protest) was the combination of two opposite in status symbols: red Square as the highest geographical point in the territory of the USSR and the forbidden marginal words.

With regard to the protest content, it was a protest against rising prices and the almost physical impossibility to exist and develop.

In addition to the honored glory, E. I. T. was charged under article 206 part 2 «hooliganism, which differ in their content exceptional cynicism or special impudence». Sounds like a monologue from the film «Goblin» translation.

Crosses, Mavromatti

The native of those «E. T. B.» graceful Greek actionism Oleg Mavromatti in the early 2000s, driven to rage moral guards of Prosecutors, who accused him of inciting ethnic and religious hatred. Since then, Oleg lives in new York and says very interesting things in his inimitable nasal manner (e.g., what substances he played in the 80s) on his YouTube channel.

What is so pissed off that intelligent, though not without a strange young man? The creation of the film «Cunts» in which the genital organ pierced the icon and fuck the baby, and the action «do Not trust the eyes». Spent in place, which are specific to the event in the Institute of Culturology of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. First he was tied to a cross made of boards, after which the assistants washed his hands tomillimetres nails. On your naked back, Mavromatti razor blade was carved the words: «I am NOT the SON of GOD.» Unlike Jesus Christ, Mavromatti of agony gave way, and after hours of groaning and suffering was removed from the cross.

Reporters Mavromatti explained:

I don’t know any artist in world cinema, which would naturally played a pain. The scene symbolizes the real suffering, the real victim, where it speculates the art.Then, when the agencies began to charge him and confiscated his materials, he went to the home of his wife in Bulgaria. By the way, his wife is also uncontested that advocates for women’s rights. The authorship of Dew, incidentally, is the campaign «the Last valve». Predicting free from gender limitations society, she sewed my vagina. That’s such a nice woman.

In exile, Mavromatti remained true to himself: that the venous blood will rewrite the Constitution, then offer the people, while agreeing that the artist deserves prosecution, to beat the current online. And he recently edited all the videos of «Orthodox gay patriot, your friend and comrade Sergei Astakhov» one whole movie «Fools don’t belong here», which received many prizes. Like in Europe the Russian idiots.

By the way, the flagellation in the name of protest – an act long forgotten. One of the crazy Serbian Marina Abramovic (accent on the second syllable, and this is important) without end scourged themselves before the people. During the performance of «Lips of Thomas» (1975), Abramovic ate a kilogram of honey and drank a liter of red wine, smashed the glass with your hand, cut with a razor on his belly five-pointed Communist star, izgledala yourself with a whip and then lay on a piece of ice in the form of a cross, giving himself in the stomach heater.

The action develops logically into the harsh realities of the XXI century, doing the same thing, what does all available ordinary brain art: trying to overcome the shape and color, the very idea of artistic technique, art moved on to taboo topics, so to the body. Logically, the next step is the overcoming of the body. But the authorities do not see this as a continuation of the tradition of buffoonery and all I see is a threat and direct calls.

Us (except Dima Enteo, German Sterligov and a good half of the Russian government) made clear, what are the benefits, for example, scientists who defend the radical new hypothesis, or entrepreneurs, the risk capital for the vague prospects. Political activists, artists and actionist also have to question the existing order and the magic rule of authority.

What are these actions, if most they cause rejection? With this we shall understand in the next part.

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