Artists protest: Russian actionism. Part 2

And we continue his two-volume novel about the harsh, not sparing members of artists of Russian actionism. We are often asked, and we ourselves, who write these pieces of music, on whose side? We support the protests or will slavishly libitum before the powers, glorifying the king-priest? And we, dear reader, out of politics, as Boris Borisovich Grebenshchikov we fly to the open window to meet Jia know the truth, riding on purple clouds with candied raspberries. We are for common sense and a healthy country. In General, it is wrong to ask like online publications exactly this age.


On September 22 of this year died Leon Fucking. It’s not that the diagnosed person is a pseudonym. Actually his name was Leonid Lvovich Nikolaev, and his coming to the art group «War» began the Golden age of the Russian political and artistic actionism. Died Lenya enigmatic and mysterious, sawing branches in the Moscow suburb of Domodedovo. It would seem, in an accident, it happens to everyone, but the fact that Leonid was illegal and was hiding under an assumed name, while everyone thought he was in a deep immigration. He was only 31 years old.

But the story goes on Leno and its shares under a name, but about the «War», an apologist for outrageous and radical performances of the Russian land.

But once they made one of the most brilliant actions in the history of St. Petersburg. Brighter was only revolution. It was called «H. and in the thrall of the FSB». In protest against increased security measures in anticipation of the International economic forum Lenya and comrades drew on the Foundry bridge enormous phallus Hu…. Even the size is known: 65 meters long and 27 meters wide. After the bridge was drawn, the phallus proudly and brazenly looked right in the window of the office of the Federal security service for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

After this daring action guys being rude in the end and made a real «coup d’etat», whose goal was «to show how it is necessary to reform the interior Ministry». During the action the activists of the group turned over several police cars, and inside some of the cars at that time were police officers.

Seeing this magnificence, the famous English zastrahoval walls, local paintings, Banksy arranged the sale of her paintings and sent «War» to 4.5 million rubles. So if you don’t know how to make, draw wieners and roll machine.

Of course, the authorities very offended, activists declared wanted by some, not wanting to go to jail, preferred to flee abroad.

By the way, many artists have recognized the reckless idiocy of the action, no one denied that it can sit in jail. However, around the world «War» was supported as could. Someone who shares, and someone with a kind word and a song like Yuri Shevchuk.

At the time of inviolable ranks of the «War» has been legendary Pussy Riot. For example, the most beautiful of «Pus», Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, recently became the heroine heading for the mediocrity of the TV series «house of cards». The action was called «EB..s for’ Bear!». The point was very simple: some couples have sex in one of the halls of the State biological Museum im. K. A. Timiryazev. The action took place on the eve of elections of the President of the Russian Federation in 2008, when it became clear who will be President.

However, in this organization with aggressive slogans and not less aggressive name was opened soul. They loved to make gifts. For example, they made a gift to Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The ceiling of the Department of lighting of the store «Auchan» was suspended five people (three migrant workers, two homosexuals). Actors depicting homosexuals really were homosexuals. Workers were also gastarbayterami. Two Kyrgyz and one Uzbek agreed to participate in the campaign for money. The sentence «victims» consisted of slogans very clearly as follows: «Pestel nobody fucked*t!», «No parhat PI****yourself!», «No gooks pakis!», «Chock – to churkestan!», «Nigger, go home!», «Siberia for Siberians!», «Glory to Moscow!» and the like.

At the end of the group were sad. The creators of the group, Oleg Vorotnikov and Natalia Sokol, fled to Italy, you Fucking died, others bubbling up in other organizations. But his mark, of course, they left.

Alexander Brener

A bit of history. Unmissable guru of Russian actionism with a Jewish passport in his pocket. Alexander Brener wanted to become an international brawler, but not much happened, the response that it has created in Russia in the 90s, did not work. Although his act at the Amsterdam Museum, the Stedelijk when he drew a dollar sign on the famous «Suprematism» of Malevich (White cross on grey background) caused a great furor. He will not run away. Not because I wanted Herostratos of fame, he was famous, but simply opposed the commercialisation of art. To Malevich the Brener no claims had. He chose it because Malevich himself was disinterested and was only thinking about his work. By the way, the paint Brener chose mild, which is easily washed off. Not the vandal he is!

And one of the first corporate art atrocities made to them in their native land, was the action Date. There was all so. In the gray of the snow season 1993-94 Brener was appointed just arrived from Israel and have not given to him at the sensations his wife Lyudmila on a date. Of course, at the monument to Pushkin. As soon as she appeared, he immediately threw her to the snow in love goals. Apparently, the creative impulse. And next, as an evil, the tour took place some provincial young ladies all over 45, listen carefully to see. After seeing the performance, my aunt began to swear, spit and say that it addicts, I guess. Immediately stopped the bus with the Japanese, who embraced the campaign with enthusiasm and immediately began to remove it. Brener spent with Lyudmila five minutes and said nothing, because he’s embarrassed. The event was dedicated to… What do you think?! Culture, which for all its unconditional virtues of human limits in the manifestation of simple, natural and normal feelings.

In ‘ 95 it came out in boxer shorts and Boxing gloves to the place of execution and yelled in the direction of the Kremlin: «Yeltsin, come out!» Cold, but what the art requires.

He did a lot of things: broke into the Ministry of defence to put to the Minister of home Slippers, during the service in the Cathedral ran to the altar, shouting: «Chechnya, Chechnya!» (just went to the Chechen war). He imitated the act of defecating in the Pushkin Museum in front of a painting by van Gogh «Red vineyards at Arles» (explaining that simply «crap with delight»), did not hesitate to masturbate on the reception of Luzhkov and moved between installed mirrors in the lowered pants, rocking brazen causal place. But picked up and left after one controversial stock. Belarusian air defense shot down, flown from Poland balloon, mistaking him for a spy. The Belarusians refused to apologize for the upset Brener, who shot the Windows of the Embassy ketchup (symbolism of blood). It is, of course, a good beat, detained, but a large sum paid to the wife, allowed him to simulate escape and travel to the far Israel. That’s such a good man.

I absolutely do not agree that modern art is some kind of particularly difficult area. Any sector in which a person is engaged professionally, it becomes difficult just because he for a long time over that range of problems. Nuclear physics is much more complicated of modern art. And art, which we call classic, I think, no less complex than modern. In addition, as far as I know, a huge amount of shares is made by artists in small circles, don’t talk about it and videos on the Internet do not spread. So I would not become a major feature of actionism to call his mediapresence.

– Nadezhda Tolokonnikova –

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