Artifon — now you don’t need a guitar, 1.07.2013, n1D1NdXvbp1138rHZteLJrsEwSRbhfKL

I’ve never been a fan of Apple, but I always hated how a lot of stylish accessories released products of this company. Honestly, in my Samsung to find interesting cases type, case-books with lots of pockets. Actually, this is the only point with which I agree in this article. But today, Apple has again made me angry.

Soon the time of holidays, and that means we have to go to sea. And the sea is perfect to sit with friends to savages around the fire and yell songs. That’s just anyone who has ever dragged along somewhere with a guitar, especially in a campaign that will understand me when I say, what a scrap — drag somewhere the guitar. But this strange tool that is vital to the iPhone, will replace you in the way a six-string guitar with six frets. This thing was made by a certain American by hand from hardwood. The iPhone with this program will not only give you the melody, but also to accompany the synth, drums and bass. Sounds cool! Also the phone can memorize the fruits of your improvisation and play them your friends.

But the price really bites, my friend, for this amazing tool you will have to pay the small $799., 1.07.2013, fltSbPYEzHcOH7YRbiOiyvZp105D9uqG, 1.07.2013, 8cAXCSiVtk7V7LJA5iqfeu9UN7JlHtu3

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