Artificial intelligence vs humanity artificial-intelligence researchers warned that «the race of the AI-weapons» can have disastrous consequences for humanity and urged the UN to consider a ban on «offensive Autonomous weapons.» Volunteer organization to Future of Life Institute published an open letter in which he calls to abandon the «race AI-arms» (AI Arms Race). A letter, directed in particular against the military, which participate in the arms race of artificial intelligence was presented Monday during the International conference on artificial intelligence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A letter signed by such vivid and revealing personalities as Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking.

The researchers note that the arms race is inevitable and Autonomous weapons will be a Kalashnikov assault rifle of the future. Unlike nuclear weapons, it does not require expensive or inaccessible materials that will become ubiquitous and cheap for mass production. How soon the weapon will appear on the black market – only a matter of time. The letter States that the Autonomous weapon is perfect for assassinations, destabilization of nation life, the subordination of the population and the selective extermination of certain ethnic groups».

Of course, these weapons are a clear advantage, which scientists also spoke, in particular, is the preservation of human lives. But the danger II-weapons carries still more, and in the end, it all turn into a new round of the arms race, so it is better to spit on the technology and save the world before it is too late. «Just as most chemists and biologists are not interested in creating chemical and biological weapons, most scientists working on AI, not interested in the AI weapons,» – say the authors of the letter.

«Artificial intelligence could be useful to mankind in many aspects. But to run a race with AI weapons is a bad idea that needs to be prevented by restraining the development of Autonomous weapons,» according to scientists.

Probably never before has IT between the gods and the scientists did not have such unity. It is very good that they had the courage and intelligence to step on the throat, in fact, their perspectives. The potential «killer robots» is huge, and that the development of this intelligence would, for example, to Mr Mask, no doubt almost none. After all, this can make a lot of money. And glory, but most of all, stupid. So it is very gratifying that in our selfish time there are people. If scientists say that we should stop, then doing something very wrong. They believe it is necessary, this is not Malysheva. Only not the fact that this policy proposal will support.

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