Army – people

As you know, all the best inventions made for people. For military people, of course. But when the soldiers had plenty enough, then they give the merciful «swell» civil. Here are just some of the gifts of the armed forces that we use every day.

1. Navigation system


Speaking of military technology in the service of the civilian population, just remember about satellite navigation. Here for quite a long time navigators squeak in almost every car. And not only in the car. The military, apparently, been waiting for a beautiful pretext to enter navigation for civilian purposes and finally came. Helped worst enemy – the USSR.

The event of 1983 year accidentally shot down a South Korean «Boeing» greatly undermined the already undermined the Afghan war and isolation authority. A former mediocre actor names Reagan, somehow, was in the chair of President of the United States, calling the incident a «crime against humanity» and promised that very soon the navigation system will be available to all, and the insidious «evil Empire» as he called the former film projectionist authoritative state, will not shoot down civilian aircraft. Since global positioning system steadily began to enter into the lives of «mere mortals». Full access civilians were in 1996, and since then, we have the same tracking systems as the us military. While comparing military technology and civilian – all the same what to compare Charmeleon and Charmander: people in uniform always technology steeper.

Now, of course, without these technologies it is difficult to imagine our daily lives. And 20 years ago, a similar «gift» has generated not only strong emotions but also a wave of phobias those who are afraid of surveillance by «Big brother.» What do you think, it’s just so good not scattered.

2. Freeze-dried product


Remember food in vacuum packs? So it is called a freeze-dried product. How is it done? The first is the deep freezing of products, further, vacuum drying is freezing moisture, making the product without losing its natural taste and becomes almost weightless – ten times lighter than the original, and its humidity does not exceed 8%. Such food is considered healthier than dried, biological processes are terminated and the molecular bonds are not broken. And some nutritionists are hysterically screaming about the fact that freeze-dried banana is digested before reaching the stomach. But the army authorities in the beginning of the last century attracted not the way it’s absorbed, and how much it weighs, because the food has become much easier.

By the way, there is a reason for pride. Sublimation invented by Soviet scientist Lappas-Starzhenetsky. Like many other inventions, their recognition of sublimation got not at home, and in faraway America. And in the years of the Second world started to sublimate. However, used it for the production of dry blood substitutes and antibiotics. And after the war, began to actively use in the food industry. And how happy sublimation astronauts! In General, due to space, this food received immense popularity, they are actively used by tourists and students. Filled noodles with water and a «Royal dinner» ready.

3. Microwave


When you took out the microwave hot plate cold soup, you’re not mad at the Chinese shop, who assembled it from the alarm, you’re actually angry at the legacy of American military technology.

In General, a furnace has many legends. One of them, Percy Spencer designed emitter superluminal waves on the order of defense. And now, standing in front of the radiator, he felt in his holey pocket spreads sweet liquid. It was a melted chocolate bar. Of course, like any true scientist, he realized that it was a sign, and brought the corn. After all, this is America, and to heat stake or a hamburger is not necessary. And lo! Grain turned into a beautiful white popcorn! And most importantly, Spencer did not feel the heat. Realizing what was happening, he hastened to patent a device for cooking food by electromagnetic waves. It was back in 1945. So, the Ministry of defence gave him the money to improve high-frequency waves, and microwaves he creates!

However, the first microwave weighed 340 kilograms and a height of almost 2 meters. It is clear that such a big, «stupid» was not necessary, because there is an oven. But in the 70-ies of the Japanese, who love to turn the beginnings of Western technology in the beautiful «flowers», «injected» in the vein of the American market of the most fashionable compact microwave oven. Since then, the popularity on them never drops, and these days a house without a microwave is like Austin powers with no mojo.

There is another legend that is the guitarist of the band «Queen» Brian may put his hand to the improvement of microwaves. If you do not know, for education Mr May – physicist and even wrote in his spare time several books on science. He even gave a course of lectures, which certainly used the hype. And you know why: the living rock legend, tells you the secrets of physics.

But it is rather a beautiful legend, because Mr. may is an astrophysicist. Although this did not prevent him personally to collect one of the best of the author’s guitars in the world. So let’s believe it. Suddenly the truth. It’s nice that favourite musicians, a genius in everything.

Well, the most beautiful legend tells the story of how the microwave has saved Belgrade. It is still unknown whether it’s true or not. The truth drowned in the myth, but some Serbs are only slyly smile, hear you timidly try to put this seemingly ridiculous question.

They just sent their included furnace at the flying missiles the door open (and the daytime sky is easiest to see flying «cigar»), and those falling, not destroying houses. However, some argue that for greater effect it was necessary to put the stove on an iron pallet and remove the cover. And the secret is that the American missile «HARM» is just the frequency that is radiated by a microwave. «HARM» generally goes for any powerful source of radio emission in the range of 400-10000 MHz.

True or not, ask unfortunate residents of Belgrade.

4. Teflon


Teflon pans, instrument of any successful housewife. «Don’t pick it highly, the film will break,» – said Mama, referring to… no, not what you think it is just a Teflon coating of the pan. And would be roasted on potatoes in heavy cast iron pans, if 6 April 1938, the American inventor Roy Plunkett, unwittingly, discovered polytetrafluoroethylene, who in the world called Teflon. Plunkett pumped into the tank of gaseous tetrafluoroethylene and found that in the cooled cylinders he was polymerizable to a waxy state. A lot of compound words? Key – «waxy».

New material very pleased the inventor. He was resistant, had a very low coefficient of friction. With it peeled like butter spread. Even old Reagan had the nickname «Teflon President,» because it all went like water off a duck any trouble.

By the way, Plunkett proposes to use for Teflon coating of skis and sled runners, but the material is very interested the military, who are not in a hurry to open the Teflon General public. PTFE (another name material) were used to cover the antennas of the radars in the production of bearings, high-frequency technology and components for military equipment. And only in the late 50’s and Teflon came out of the «military underground». Since it is used in medicine, and due to the fact that perfectly «gets» the human body, widely used in the manufacture of implants, as well as in the production of clothing, coverage of the lunar module and… non-stick coating for pans. How low.

5. Autoinjection syringes


If it were not autoinjection syringes, all allergies, all suffering, all travelers simply would have died for lack of a nearby doctor are able to prick into a vein (or some other soft spot) of the divine substance that supports life.

As you can guess, the roots in this vital swell coming from the military routine. Once the bright minds of pharmaceuticals produced a similar device, designed to protect against military nerve agents and chemical weapons, which is actively hunted soldiers in the last century. The principle was the same. There is only purified the blood, and here – push injection.

6. Veterinary


What can I say, quality medical care to livestock began to enter the military. If you had treated the Mare the groom and, as a rule, by «went to the slaughter, the little humpbacked Horse», the military is very carefully treated by the staff of the four-legged friends. After all, fighting a beast always needs to be in shape and alert. That is why we introduced the post of a veterinarian.

Now veterinary clinics, like the horses of the division of Budyonny, – at every step. So thank You, dear soldiers, for what has made possible high-quality medical services for your favorite Doggies.

7. Computers


The legendary ENIAC, which was a lot written and filmed a lot of movies, was created in the first place to faster and more efficient kropotlivoi to compute about 3000 trajectories of the projectile. This was done before the weary woman. You know, levity, critical days, and other side effects could lead to incorrect calculations. And after troops were Africa and found that there are quite different conditions for shooting, the need for faster and more efficient method of computation has increased a hundredfold. And that resulted in the cooperation of the Institute of Moore’s Ballistic Laboratory for the calculation of firing tables in the creation of computers.

As a test EPAs the first task was on mathematical modeling of a thermonuclear explosion of super-bomb, which is far from the peaceful computing. In the calculation of thermonuclear weapons was very difficult. No calculator could not handle it. ENIAC did. However, the calculations are still classified.

In a word, the forerunner of our modern computers was very bloody past. However, the descendants of the ENIAC, something like that, for which you now sit, which also effectively help in the destruction of other people.

8. Canister


Modern dvadtsatimetrovy the canister created the Nazis. So-so. In November 1936 the German army has announced a tender for a new model the canister is designed for storage and transportation of gasoline. A new canister was to replace the old and to equip new motorized units universal containers for transportation of fuel. The canister was an important strategic resource, and its production (purely for military purposes) was allocated for two of the stamping plant. She participated in the occupation of Poland, Austria and Czechoslovakia – it is this the usual narrow-minded point of view, the rectangular canister with stamping in the form of a cross in the middle (to avoid deformation). Then Tara went to all the armies in the world, and there is not far to the civilian population, because really convenient thing was created by the engineer Vinzenz grynfogel with the firm müller of Schwelm. And the saddest thing is that even canister served, and you’re not.

9. Jeep


The name «Jeep» came during the Second world war as a nickname for light military vehicles «Willis-MV», actively settled in the Soviet Union through lend-lease, and the same with their cars, «Ford GPW».

Before the Second world war in the armies of the world had a few cars with the wheel formula 4×4, which were, in fact, the commander’s passenger cars. A massive SUV was created by the tender of the American army after the war started and received the name of the GPV (General Purpose Vehicle), that is «General purpose Vehicle». The first letters («Gee-PI») the soldiers dubbed it the Humvee.

There is another version according to which the nickname of a Jeep is associated with army slang, which means «hard worker», «laborer» and dates back to the glorious movie about Popeye sailor, who, like many others, was released before the war. Well, after the war comfortable, the word «jeep» stuck to the road. It was after the civil war, large automakers began active production of four-wheel drive «coaches», as well as among farmers and geologists they were the increased interest. For example, firm Land Rover, which is on the 48th year and today is famous for its production of SUVs.

Many SUVs have lost their former rudeness by purchasing urban gloss. But the essence has not changed!

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