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manygoodtips.com_20.03.2014_WUpgqVe2yDm9RAs promised, this time I write about another Armstrong, played the cornet, and stepped on the surface of our satellite — the moon. Of course, there are some comrades who believe in the so-called «lunar conspiracy», we also stipulate in this article to have more letters and had a look from all sides.

We all know about the space race between the USSR and the USA. If you think so, then it seems a bit stupid idea, to such an extent by the thickness and length of the space penis. But that was the point to intimidate the enemy, its people and the rise of Patriotic sentiment in the country, to those who had a particularly authoritarian way of thinking is insanely imagined what is happening in the country. Gagarin became the first man in space in 1961, and ordinary Americans in all seriousness terribly worried that the Soviets would bomb the star-spangled country by satellite. To increase faith in their country, the Americans stiffened and in July 1969 launched. They were Neil Armstrong, uttered the sacramental phrase: «That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind». Let’s be honest, guys, I do not understand the achievements of individual countries, it is important for me achieving all of humanity, because we are, hell, one biologically a species that should not die prematurely, as we argue, one of the strategic penis longer.


Armstrong grew up in Ohio, about 60 miles from where lived famous brothers aviators Wright. Perhaps it is this closeness had the same impact on the future of the pilot and the pilot’s space program. In high school, Armstrong was very fond of planes, however, it was such a time, because high school was a guy fell in the Second World war. Like many boys, he was jealous of those who have been on the front. They returned to school already experienced soldiers sat with them at the same party, re-training the years that remained. These guys were much older students around. Sam Armstrong is actively hung out with the boy scouts and rose to the highest rank among them.

Neil, like most dudes, who achieved success, knew what he wanted in life and from life. He began to study Aeronautics, aircraft, and decided to go into the army. College, he also graduated and has even visited some famous American-Greeks.


Neal served in the U.S. Navy, participated in the testing of new aircraft and had to go to the Korean war, where he made 76 combat missions. The most important thing he had learned from these wars is that flying at night was a terrible idea. The most vivid memory of the future «moonman» on the night of the pilots, who were so crazy with peculiarities of flying in darkness and poor sleep, constantly nervously giggled. Many painful nervous smile never left his face even when they were buried. War changes men, who distinguished himself in the Korean war Neil was no longer impressed by films about the war, and peers seemed so small, that they can have something to say. Neal thought that a real pilot should not love to walk, he must love to fly, that’s probably why he decided on a space program to fly even higher.

Perhaps Armstrong took over combat experience and a good record, and maybe through that, that he had incredible composure and tranquility. He even got a nickname «Ice captain». In September 1962, Neil Armstrong was selected for training to fly to the moon. Dude was a competition in which one seat was already 250 applicants. His first space flight in the person of commander Armstrong was held for four years. «Gemini-8» ship Armstrong, participated in the first docking of spacecraft, but the flight could be considered unsuccessful due to a failure in the system.

In 1969, Armstrong and his partner buzz Aldrin spent on the lunar surface for two and a half hours. Neal recalls that a Month is a wonderful place. The module landed on the equator, in the southwestern part of the sea of Tranquility. It happened early in the morning, as daytime temperatures would be strong enough to stay on the satellite for a certain time. Armstrong and his assistant placed the flag on the thin wires that there was a feeling that he wavers, but something did not work, so it was scrapped, which gave the impression that the flag is fading away. Armstrong says that the Earth from the moon resembled a small pea, at that moment he felt incredibly small. Armstrong and Aldrin installed the equipment on the satellite, examined the surroundings, and with their help, the data has been defined the exact distance from the moon to the Earth. In addition to the steps of the landing module on the moon left a small plaque with the following inscription: «Here men from the planet Earth first set foot on the moon. In July 1969 a new era. We came in peace for all mankind.» It is not strange, but Armstrong was very angry when he remembered as «that guy who walked on the moon,» he wanted to be remembered for all his achievements and awards, not for the bright moments. But what can you do if people can remember only the most interesting? Also Neil was awfully mad when he said that «space travel is only for monkeys and lapdogs, and people can only fly on my planet.» Many still believe that deep space is not for development because of the radiation, vacuum, lifeless, but Armstrong personally was ready to give in a snout to everyone who believed that the Earth is our only home. But he held back.

A year later, Armstrong visited the Soviet Union, where he held several reports and told about the act. Wide audience especially nobody wrote about this event as it suggests. But after a small article in a newspaper, the people pushed to show my respect to the man who went to the moon. Sam Armstrong visited several cities, and in Moscow handed Alexei Kosygina, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, a small container of lunar dust and the flag of the USSR… who also went to the moon during the landing of the Nile on her.

Died Neil Armstrong on 25 August 2012 aged 82 years.

By the way, about the Moon conspiracy. Most of the topics in the spirit of wrong shadows, developing the flag, slim suits, no giant craters there was enough detail proven and exposed by knowledgeable people who are also secular in physics and Matan, given the characteristics of the structure and physics of the Month. Oddly enough, some of these guys were… «Mythbusters». I advise you to watch this release.


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