Armstrong is the First that Louis

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2014_Pi7bsykwrgihaThe name Armstrong is famous not only for famous black jazz musician, but that dude who landed on the moon. On the first we write today and the second next time.

It is difficult to say what is not influenced by Armstrong. The rights of black people? On the world music? On culture and the arts in General? To be honest, all at once. Man, he was incredibly charismatic, and his speech not to look, just hear the voice and at once all becomes clear.

Louis Daniel Armstrong was born in the most poor ass of the world, in New Orleans, at the beginning of the last century. Louis ‘ mother worked as a laundress and from despair was moonlighting as a prostitute. The father was a laborer and left the family when little Louis was quite a few years. One big frustration, man. Mother hardly liked the future of jazz, she gave his sister the education of his grandmother, who was so old that visited slavery. Later, of course, the mother came around and took the kids back, but to educate their children, she did not start. Since childhood, the boy worked like a dog: delivered Newspapers, cleaned coal and got a job to fled the Russian Empire to the Jews. They became Armstrong’s real family and bought him his first musical instrument — a cornet. In 12 years, Louis began playing in a street band on drums, cool trained your ear for a few years.


New year’s eve, 1912, Louis decided to celebrate the occasion an innocent trick: he picked up the gun and shot into the air. A minute later, the black gay guy was arrested and sent to a labor camp for troubled Teens as much as two years. But not so bad in the camp, taught Louis to play the cornet no «blow into this hole more musical», and very professionally. Armstrong realized that his destiny is to become musicians. However, what was generally a choice of the guy from the ghetto?

Louis began to play in clubs on borrowed instruments and quite quickly he met with king Oliver, a famous cornet player, who became his teacher. King encouraged young talent to all my friends-musicians, and after a while took him to his group.

Second wife (the first, incidentally, was a prostitute from New Orleans) convinced Louis that it’s time to start a solo career. The couple raised modest belongings and moved to new York, where the talented musician gladly accepted even famous jazz-bands. The audience came mainly in order to see the charismatic guy and hear his beautiful solo.


In 1927, in the song «Cornet Chop Sue» Armstrong changes the cornet to the trumpet and manages to bring something new to the world of jazz. Sam Armstrong in his very bright and joyful manner refers to the genre of sweet music making it even better. At the end of 30 years he goes on tour across America, and some time later sent to Europe. So Louis was not only popular among the black American community, but around the world. The magical voice of Armstrong in Europe (and at home) becomes synonymous with jazz and still at the mention of jazz all the genre associated with the name Louis Armstrong.

By the way, about the voices. Where did this warm husky bass? It is believed that this is due to the deformation of the vocal cords. Sam Louis for a long time hesitated hoarse, and even in 1936 he tried to get rid of it with surgery, but, thank God, are not lost. By the way, is not the only health problem Louis. Due to the excessive pressure of the mouthpiece and incorrect embouchure Louis earned his trauma of the upper lip.

Armstrong could go in the Soviet Union under Eisenhower, but the first time he refused to take this trip, despite the fact that the country was waiting for him impatiently. He explained his refusal in these words: «People would ask me, what’s going on in my country. What I would say to them? I have a great life in music, but I feel like any other nigger!» Understand how do you know these words. Question about trip to the Soviet Union rose Armstrong later, but again something went wrong.

Louis became more and more popular. He toured extensively, recorded new music, performed with other musicians and actively attended various festivals. Dude was in Asia, in Africa and throughout Europe and almost every major city in America.

A heart attack, which brought the Armstrong in 1959, did not give the active jazz musician to make music at the pace in which he was engaged in it before. But despite serious health problems, our hero persevered to play your favorite music, performing with other notable musicians to record albums and to enjoy life. It seems that the music, without false pathos, and was the life of this man. A man takes part in musicals, and continues to delight people all my life. The doors Louis was the song that I heard, I think, everyone who lives on it, unless of course he left the house at least on the Internet. I’m talking of course about the famous song «What a Wonderful World», which makes even the heaviest loggers beard to wipe the tears of emotion and faith in the goodness of the world.

Over time, the health of Louis was deteriorating. Another heart attack forced the musician to spend two months in the hospital. But, is to pay tribute to this man, after leaving the hospital, Armstrong gathered his group for rehearsal. Here it is — dedication. But the next day after rehearsal, 6 July 1971 from heart failure Armstrong kidney failure.

People’s love for Louis was almost the same as Vysotsky. Stream touching letters of condolence did not end very long. Even the newspaper «Izvestia» published on the front page of the news of the death of the musician. President Nixon said that Louis was one of the creators of American art». I should add that the President of some wrong — Armstrong was the Creator of the world art and global scale. In fact, he influenced the music of many well-known figures who do not even consider themselves to be jazz. Among our heroes were those who believed that Armstrong and his music gave a lot to them. It’s Tom waits and Frank Sinatra.

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