Are you weird? No need to be shy

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2014_7jIQuTTSxsCl0It’s not about those «strange» that have flooded Instagram. Oh, yeah, those strange people who don’t like it, they’re from another planet, listening to different music and dress, and the. You already know who are we talking about. So, we are not talking about the weirdos.

If you don’t like it. If you really have something wrong, like, uh, you look, or you stupidly don’t understand, we’re talking about people like you. In short, if you’re weird, then go with a smile through life, now we’ll explain why.

1. Do not confuse

First, don’t confuse a jerk with a strange man. If you’re drunk and pissed on the walls in the hotel, you’re not weird, you’re a jerk and don’t be surprised that nobody wants to communicate. And it’s not because you’re not like all…

Analyze their behavior in those situations, when you begin to criticize or make fun of you. Maybe you’re really a jerk and try to throw the blame on normal people?

2. Look at it this way

If you notice that looking at things differently, and maybe your appearance is something «wrong». Hmm.. well, maybe it’s cool? Maybe that is what you will like surrounding?

Often these people become the soul of the company, well, or just a good attitude. It is something strange and unusual will attract them. Of course, there will be idiots who beat your strangeness on the other hand, well, why even pay attention to them?

3. Don’t try to kill

Some people try to stifle in myself a unique person and many do it. Do not try to follow in their footsteps! So do only the weak. This is not you. Weak and insecure people will bend under the yoke of society, he will not be able to carry the germ of something new.

Society responds aggressively. Most of these people are just envious, they can not boast of some unique, they can only mock those who have what turns out better. And then we are unable to rake line at the office of plastic surgery in the shop with a new-fangled rags, or in the psychologist’s office.

4. Be ready for another

You have a lot of power because you have a hard life. Maybe you will decide to move to the cave where you write a masterpiece of a picture or (ON the LORD) don’t buy yourself a longboard, like your peers, in any case you will find another life, not like most of the people around you.

There is a feeling that now hipshot think that everything here is a direct written about them. They’re the only ones! No, this is not about you. The man who has a different mentality and character would not do what he dictates some fashion. He just lives his life. He will do strange things unintentionally.

5. Be faithful

Learn to catch the thrill. You get some weird looks from people? Rejoice! Because now all progressive people tend to get more attention, and you don’t even have to put minimal effort.

Be weird, because it makes you happy. You are free, how cool is that? Fuck all the idiots who try to convince you that you’re kind of lame or something like that. Maybe they think you’re a pervert or a misanthrope, we do not care about their opinion and you hurry to join us.

I hope that now you know how to act. Good luck, you pervert, you make us proud of you!

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