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Industry grooming bro, as the male fashion industry has billions of dollars in income. In this industry spinning some serious money! From the point of view of women, the difference between an ugly guy very attractive and extremely small and it is only in how you take care of yourself, and you do not score on yourself. In women with maintaining the appearance much more complicated, and we can just be not lazy. If these tips do not help, then most likely, you’re ugly. But this is unlikely.

1. You have a unibrow


We already wrote about the disadvantages monopoly and how to fix them. But the song words can not erase. If you have a unibrow, don’t sit idly by — pull.

2. You perspire a lot

Of course, you can say that sweating is natural and what is natural is not ugly. But shit on the street too, of course, is true, then why are you so surprised when you step in someone’s shit? The fact that you’re sweating like 10 strokes and stink is because you wear cheap clothes made of synthetic fabric that does not allow your skin to breathe properly in the heat. Shirt from acrylic, polyester, spandex, lycra and other synthetic materials is the best way to stink and be sweaty like a pig (in the sense of smell). In the summer and as underwear bought shirts, t-shirts and tank tops from cotton or linen. Avoid silk, for obvious reasons.

You’ll look better because you no longer have dark spots on clothing (or a less). You maybe won’t notice, but the ladies will appreciate.

3. Wear shirts every day

Seriously, what’s your problem with the buttons? You ignore Polo shirts just because they have a few buttons on top? They can all be undone. And the other shirt? What’s wrong with them? The girl’s eyes, believe me, the dude in the shirt is much less attractive than the dude in the shirt. Shirt, if it’s free, can easily brighten up your figure flaws, for example, strongly protruding stomach or, to put it mildly, Tits. But the shirt, no matter how free it was, all of these drawbacks, on the contrary, exposes. Man in a free shirt (they are different) in the eyes of the women looks much nicer. Mike leave for the day.

4. Yellow teeth

Dental hygiene is stalking us since childhood. The little child who loved to brush your teeth — for example, what to say! Yellowish teeth remind us of the middle ages and the disadvantages of hygiene. Strange to see yellowish teeth in modern man, isn’t it? There are many remedies for teeth whitening, such as Crest White Strips, which, as they say, can be found on our shelves (I personally have not seen). There are whitening toothpastes dentist in the end. Do not say that yellow teeth is natural. There is no way!

5. Hairy neck

The hair on the neck? It’s disgusting! No girl don’t like it, and stop talking about naturalness. Just go to concessions and shove it. Or pull by the roots, if the hair is not enough. The less you are lazy, the more chances you have for a female!

6. Flare jeans that cover almost shoes (Bootcut), 22.08.2013, 2EpnUp2glXNnDdkrDjjcyU2BSrVZB6XN

You should not wear these jeans, in his time, they were worn by hippies, and there it was difficult to understand what sex one hairy subject! So buy your normal jeans, since many of them. What’s even greater disadvantage of these jeans? Not only that, they make you look feminine, they make you fatter than you really are. Straight-leg jeans make us look slimmer, so why to refuse them?

7. Suck leather

Teen time has brought us a lot of hormonal problems in the form of acne, pimples, blackheads and other troubles. In adulthood, this joy we also visited. And to get rid of it simply. Do not be lazy! First, my your goddamn face, preferably with soap, and a variety of means, buy tonics and creams, if nothing helps — go to the doctor, check your hormones, some money is not worth it to wear the face of some hormonal disaster.

8. Are you drinking enough water

Sometimes I think that in countries where live the most dumb people have no idea how often you need to drink water. The girls each their magazine constantly reminds that it is vital to drink. Instead of normal water many people drink coke, energy and water with gas, and it is wrong for your skin and body as a whole. Clean drinking water will make you fit, and will relieve your skin from dryness.

9. Do you have excess weight

Over 6 pounds is already too much! To start a challenge: a month without junk food. No pizza, beer, greasy food and not to eat at night. At least after eight. This will give you a lot of effort to resist the excess weight which not only makes you ugly but also bad for the health of the body. In the future try to diet and exercise, will immediately understand that you’re not such a freak.

10. You stooped

People with low growth (and high too) slouch really does not. If you’re too lazy to stand straight or some stupid indiscretion I am sure that you start to swing. Generally, rocking chair solves quite a lot of problems. But this is a joke, better to just straighten up, cultivate this habit and go to the gym. Girls like broad shoulders and handsome appearance, posture will give you a couple of extra inches in height and will make you majestic.

You see, what you’re ugly now?

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