Are you stupid or stupid?

Stupidity and foolishness – the eternal companion of mankind. They are responsible for religious wars, the election of George W. Bush and heroin addiction. And it seems that the big difference between them, but it is not.

Stupidity and foolishness seems to perform the same function – preventing humankind to live in peace. However, stupidity is just the result of lack of knowledge and a certain experience as due to youth and inexperience, and for other different circumstances. Stupidity is already mutated stupidity, and stage where the experiences helps the brain to Zen. So the election Bush is stupid, people do not know what awaits them. But overdose is stupidity, because the man knew what he is at risk. Cannot be such that did not know. Actually, if you carried away by politics and hoping to radically change the state of Affairs in the country voted for the «Yabloko» party, then you’re stupid. But if after examining their materials and sweet voice, you continue to support them, then you’re stupid.

It is Often confused with integrity and obstinacy, but nothing like this. If the principles of harm, first and foremost to the person and others is basic stupidity. Constantly not to Park there, turn in the wrong place and cut on the road may perhaps asshole. If this asshole, after the scandals with other motorists, after numerous fines and even asistoliei from fellow avtotsekh during rush hour continues to behave so rude, it everything else is stupid shit. This is not the style of riding he has such is the stupidity coming from his head, like a worm from turpentine.

So don’t be ashamed to be stupid. Stupidity is ignorance. Stupidity is eliminated life experience and knowledge. And since it is impossible to know everything, every stupid person. But not everyone is stupid. If you can be stupid in some area, it is dull only in mathematics is impossible. Hence, the entire head under suspicion. So a patient even cubes normally do not gather.

So don’t be afraid of his stupidity. The authors of your favorite magazine, too, in fact, stupid. But not ashamed of it. We have time to make up for the gaps.

And most importantly, that all the troubles – from stupid people. Stupid man, after watching «Fight club», not going to beat a woman because «he wants to spoil something good.» All the woes of stupid people, because they wallow in their idiocy, due to the fact that greedy and servile gratitude to absorb all that gives them the spoon of the mass media. So we have a lot of «wool», drunks and curious accidents. Therefore, the Russian tourists abroad is associated with the eternal drunken pig. And after watching a supposedly funny show, where obsesively heroic idiocy, stupid animal starts evil behaving the same way. Stupid creature will not try to become better, to change. It hardens in place, will sow-to spread his dementia at all angles and scold another world.

Looking at such happy things such as «MMM – 2015». It is something like natural selection: let idiots ruin your finances, as everybody, and Mavrodi is no denying that this is a common Scam. How can you carry the money to the person who after the dismissal defiantly told what he will do. Moreover Panteleevich blatantly saying that people are stupid, the mistakes are not learning and he will carry the money, which is what happened. If only the innocent do not suffer.

I want to remember the parable of the lame boy who couldn’t sing, couldn’t speak, not hear, was shaped into a monster and aroused all at once. But all his life he wanted to sing. However, all laughed at him, poked his finger, and told to shut up, because could not bear his abilities. And at one point he accidentally hit the TV. And it horomone, domagalska something came on stage and sang. In front of millions of viewers, under the light safetow freak this voiceless singing. And then the people in unison exclaimed, «What the shit!!!» Because it was necessary to listen to others and to soberly assess the situation, to the producers of the show not making you look ridiculous. Because the worst thing in life is not to know nothing and do not know how, but to be a dick and do not understand this.

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