Are you ready for a serious relationship, you’re finally thinking about a serious relationship. And even a worthy candidate for the role of «girl» in sight. But do not rush to go on the warpath with flowers at the ready. After probably you conducted research on the topic «this girl», pay attention to a loved one. We will tell you what you want to do and something to think hard before you let someone in your life.

1. Self-esteem

To know his worth in terms of relationships is to not settle for less than you deserve and look for someone who «complements» or «improve» you. Having serious problems with self esteem, or you can build a normal, healthy relationship.

2. Good friends

The small circle of people who will be able to say, «whoa-whoa, parini!», thereby preventing you from the next nonsense that you going to do. A true friend will not let you go crazy eventually.

3. Realistic view of relationship

In a year or two you have it not be such a crazy sex, as in the first couple of months of the relationship, and that’s fine. No one ever fails «like a movie». Serious relationship, overall, is pretty prosaic, and should not expect more from them.

4. Finance

Relationships will require certain financial investments — it’s a fact. And we’re not that «all women — corrupt creature». At each stage of the relationship you will need some kind of financial participation: this participation will be measured by the cost of the dinner or the movie tickets later — your role in the family budget.

5. Ex

How many times must I repeat that before you start a new relationship, make sure that with your ex really over. Quite normally, without any «but». Otherwise, it does not have any new relationship. Only blood will spoil myself and my girlfriend.

6. Desire

To start a serious relationship because you’re already twenty-five and it’s time to settle down» — very bad approach. None of the normal relationship was not built on a Foundation of «mother(read: society) said that it is necessary». Unless you really feel the need for them, do not even try to start.

7. One

Comfortable you when you’re alone? Another very shaky Foundation for a relationship: I just need someone to be close. And she need it? She’s not your babysitter, kid. Learn to be a good friend yourself, and then turn her in the event.

8. Understanding

Do you know what you want from a girl, from a relationship? «So were Boobs like Scarlett Johansson,» not roll. Better to do calculus homework, not the relationship read. Beautiful Breasts, the girl is beautiful, but the relationship you build Boobs to be, but a person.

9. Compromise

Willingness to compromise means your interest in it, and in fact, the company was called «relationship.»

10. Willingness to discoveries

People are sometimes surprises, sometimes even pleasant. Sometimes blonde can reinstall Windows, so do not rush to put labels on others.

There is no more pathetic sight than a young man whose once clear mind covered with a thick crust of «fixed opinions», cliche, worn-out dogmas.

11. Capture

Find what you like to do. Then, if she wants to devote a weekend of Spa treatments, it will not be a problem for you. Just you’ll be able to devote this time to your hobby.

12. Time

Relationships require time, it is a fact. If in the first place for you right now career is likely with the relationship worth while to wait.

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