Are you an introvert or sociophobe?

manygoodtips.com_29.11.2016_1WD7hxY9h8PS1For many concepts such as «introversion» and «sociopathy» are synonymous. Or, as is often the case, social anxiety is erroneously perceived as an extreme form of introversion. But if sociofobi may be an introvert, then the introvert sociophobia — no. These two concepts are far from each other and differ from each other as apples and pears, as Larisa Dolina and Manowar.

They are not born, them become

Introversion is part of your innate personality. Correctly speaking — a personality type that is dominated by the human tendency to focus on your inner peace and rejuvenate alone. A healthy introvert rarely need in society, but is not experiencing stress from having someone to talk to. This «infection» is not innate, but acquired. Perhaps the tendency towards introversion is manifested in early childhood because of difficult relations with peers, maybe it’s the result of upbringing. There are parents who teach their children not to stick with questions and ask for help to strangers. So once you chime in and all.

But there is good news in this story. Introversion is not a death sentence, so it is possible to make yourself into a extrovert. Another question, is it worth it?

But with the sociopath it is more complicated. Dissimulee sociopathy or personality disorder involves first antisocial behavior, and not fear other people. Sociopath comply with social norms only as long as they benefit him, while he may be an introvert, and strive to become the king of parties. And finally, sociophobe distinguishes fear of communication and attention.

It is believed that sociopathy is inherited, but in fact the fault of the parents, who from an early age, children are humiliated by their comparisons with others.

Loneliness makes you feel good

Sociopathy makes his sacrifice less to worry over nothing but loneliness for them — natural habitat. Introverts find energy in solitude or in a small group of trusted people. For them, the departure from reality — the most efficient way to charge batteries».

Loneliness is less of a cause for concern, but no joy, rather, just removes unnecessary psychological burden. Introvert feels quite confident in its social life, for it is quite normal to spend one day sitting at the book, and the next to meet a friend in some public place. But don’t come back, because introverts are one stupid feature — to question their actions. So introverts often begin to carefully think about what one should not ignore an event.

It is important for them public opinion

Let’s be honest. Regardless of your personality type, you very much care what people think of you. You value such incorruptible a thing as respect. Because subconsciously you realize that in many ways your future depends on it behavior. Simply, we are social animals, and we can’t live without public opinion, whether you’re a sociopath or extroverts. But if you really don’t care what people think about you, then you can call yourself a psychopath.

Do sociopaths here have one undeniable advantage: if someone thinks badly of them, they are not depressed and do not spend the day in sad languor — they just do not care.

Social anxiety gives rise to perfectionism

Perfectionism is often a consequence of social anxiety, because only a perfect performance could prevent social criticism. The constant fear to be judged and convicted forms a protective reaction — the socially anxious occurs quite a specific attitude towards other people who seem to jump at the chance to laugh at them. Therefore, sociofobi often chooses alienation — why try to approach someone who is obviously hostile to you?

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