Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of the Mayan king of the Kutz Cmana

Unbeknownst to many scientists make important discoveries and find key things in the ground. On TV don’t say it, but we are happy to share.

The tomb of king of Kutz Cmana (K utz Chman) recently found in Guatemala. This ancient cool bro already lived in the eighth century BC and is considered the founder of the Mayan civilization.

In the tomb found a lot of jade ornaments of head of neck of the jade, hundreds of small figurines, but most important,human remains, undetectable so far failed.

Archaeologists have found the burial back in June of this year, but did not attach the discovery special value. And only by deciphering the inscriptions on the statues, they realized the importance of his discovery. But you can write anything you want, I will tell you, my friend, and you’re right: the experience of the Egyptian pharaohs perfectly shows how to rewrite history. But the soil analysis at the radiocarbon Dating showed that this burial do for many years. Science is not fooled, man!

What was the Kutz Chman? He was high priest during the transition from the civilization of the Olmec to the Maya civilization. Scientists believe that the idea of building pyramids-ziggurats — his plan. Before that, the Olmecs were building some square structure.

Ancient civilizations become even closer and clearer to us, friend. And it’s cool!

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