Archaeologists found Columbus ‘ ship

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2014_7dmDGovBneDy5The one on which the great Explorer discovered America. The find was made eleven years ago, in 2003, but until now, scientists were not sure that this is the «Santa Maria».

The wreckage of a ship found at the bottom of the Caribbean sea to the North of Haiti. Strange that they never found before: The Independent reports that they were buried at a depth of five meters. Scientists immediately suspected that discovered flagship of the expedition of Columbus, but to announce it in a hurry. For this they needed a full confidence, which was hampered by the lack of information. Neither the drawings nor the original image of the ship did not reach us, therefore, to compare the appearance of the wreckage of the ship had its description. Archaeologists claim that found naval guns fit the description of on-Board weapons «Santa Maria», therefore, near the Haitian coast found it was the ship that first brought Europeans to the American continent.

The ship spent at the bottom of the sea five centuries: it crashed near Haiti in 1492, naporovshis in the reef. From its wreckage, the local population built a Fort, and some of them remained at the bottom of the sea, where safely lies to the present day.

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