Apron for gentlemen


I think that every handy guy (like Clint Eastwood in «Grand Torino»») this apron just vital, it is not strange to be a handy guy.

This apron invented dudes-craftsmen from South Korea, in fact, they have and can buy. It is ideal for works of any complexity, be it wood working, welding, gardening, car and many more than others.

What this apron is cool? The fact that he is very, very comfortable (and we’re not advertising, we do these dudes not know), he’s got a few pockets, the upper of which is made of very thick leather. With such a dense and tough leather are also manufactured the straps that held the apron over your body.

The surface of the apron is covered with wax in order to preserve it from dirt and moisture.

There is such joy 70 $ and you can buy it here .

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