Apple battery


You know we love food, science, and electronics. Of course, this means that from time to time we play with your food.

This time will try to experiment with Apple and use it as a battery. Unfortunately, most ready-made panels are not designed to be disassembled and experiment with them.

Probably you’ve heard of lemon, potato and a myriad of other edible batteries. So meet another Apple battery!

Hope it will be an interesting alternative to your everyday boring night.

1. Prepare materials

Like any experiment, you need. Don’t worry, nothing unusual to find. With the exception of a multimeter perhaps.

So, you will need:

  • several zinc nails or screws;
  • some steel nails or screws;
  • Apple, which is not going to eat;
  • wires with alligator clips;
  • multimeter;
  • led.

It is worth to mention that a couple of nails of different metals are suitable. But chemistry says that the steel and zinc gives the highest voltage.

2. Collect the battery

It’s pretty simple and easy.

Stick a zinc screw in one end of the apples, and the steel nail on the other. Now attach the black wire with a crocodile to the zinc screw and the red to the steel nail.

Next crocodiles connect these wires with the probes of the multimeter. You do realize that the red needs to connect with the red probe and the black with the black?

3. Experimenting

The Apple battery voltage is approximately equal to 0.5. Experiment with the form of slicing apples and attachment sites of the electrodes, but remember: the larger the cross-sectional area and the closer the electrodes the more current. If you do several of these batteries (for example, 5 pieces) and connect them in series, you can try to connect in the mode of direct bias the led, that is a long leg to the downside, short – to plus.

It seems that everything is ready. Have fun, dude!

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